picture of Australia vs England | Rugby League World Cup Final

Completed, Dec 2, 2017

*Available to fans in Canada, Uruguay and Chile, and Asia (Excluding Japan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong). England squeaked by Tonga in their semifinal match while Australia dominated in theirs against Fiji.  One of the reasons Australia is back in the final is how they control the point of attack in their offense. Using dummy runs and their ability to shift the attack point from one side of the field to the other puts the defense on their heels and really opens up space for their runners. England has some big physical players and if they can get set in their defense while meeting the Australian runners near the gain line, they will have a shot at knocking off the defending champs.

Tonga Got Robbed

Tonga Got Robbed

Nov 28, 2017

On the very last play of the game, Tonga had what looked like the go-ahead score but was called back by the referee for a knock-on. The ref did not go to the TMO to review the play and looking at the replay multiple times after the fact it looks like Tonga got robbed of RLWC Final birth.