picture of PNG vs USA | 2017 Rugby League World Cup

Completed, Nov 12, 2017

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Papua New Guinea has a long Rugby League history and are clearly proud to be hosting Rugby League World Cup games this time around.

Backed by a big and vocal fan following, and led by David Mead and Rhyse Martin, the Kumuls are thinking about going deep into the knockout rounds.

The USA made the quarterfinals in 2013, and still have a shot at getting there. But the Tomahawks will have to put in their best game against PNG.

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Play Breakdowns: Learn From The Rugby League World Cup

Dec 18, 2017

Thanks to Rugby League expert Phil Bailey for helping us break down three tries from the Rugby League World Cup.

We look at England scoring against France, Tonga scoring against New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea scoring against the USA. What this gives for Rugby League and Rugby Union fans alike is a look into how offense, especially work off the ball, and expose holes in defense, and how it's not always who misses a tackle, but who is not there to make the tackle in the first place.

Check it out.