picture of New Zealand vs Tonga | 2017 Rugby League World Cup

Completed, Nov 11, 2017

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Several players who qualify to play for both New Zealand and Tonga opted to play for Tonga, and that is, ultimately, good news for everyone. Tonga smashed Scotland in the opening round, and New Zealand hardly put a foot wrong against Samoa.

This game will be a thunderclap.

Fusitua Tonga's Man Of The Match

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David Fusitua: Man Of The Match For Tonga

Nov 11, 2017

David Fusitua was the star of the day as Tonga shocked New Zealand in a Rugby League World Cup classic.

Fusitua scored three tries for Tonga to lead his team to a 28-22 victory and the #1 seed from Group B.

"I am very proud of where I'm from," said Fusitua.