picture of 2019-20 Guinness PRO14

The top provincial teams from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, and South Africa face off each week.


2019-20 Guinness PRO14 Fixtures & Results

2019-20 Guinness PRO14 Fixtures/Results
Sep 27Toyota Cheetahs48-14Glasgow Warriors
Sep 27Ulster38-14Ospreys
Sep 28Munster39-9Dragons
Sep 28Isuzu Southern Kings27-31Cardiff Blues
Sep 28Scarlets18-10Connacht
Sep 28Benetton27-32Leinster
Sep 28Edinburgh50-15Zebre
Oct 4Glasgow Warriors21-25Scarlets
Oct 4Leinster53-5Ospreys
Oct 5Isuzu Southern Kings20-31Munster
Oct 5Cardiff Blues11-19Edinburgh
Oct 5Zebre28-52 Dragons
Oct 5Toyota Cheetahs63-26Ulster
Oct 5Connacht41-5Benetton
Oct 11Toyota Cheetahs40-16Munster
Oct 11Dragons14-38
Oct 11Leinster 40-14
Oct 12Scarlets54-10Zebre
Oct 12Isuzu Southern Kings17-42
Oct 12Glasgow Warriors17-13
Cardiff Blues
Oct 12Ospreys24-20Benetton
Oct 25Munster28-12Ospreys
Oct 25Ulster23-14Cardiff Blues
Oct 26Dragons18-5Glasgow Warriors
Oct 26Benetton36-30Isuzu Southern Kings
Oct 26Connacht24-22Toyota Cheetahs
Oct 26Zebre0-3Leinster
Oct 26Edinburgh46-7Scarlets
Nov 1Glasgow Warriors50-0Isuzu Southern Kings
Nov 1Leinster50-15Dragons
Nov 1Ulster22-7Zebre
Nov 2Scarlets17-13Toyota Cheetahs
Nov 2Ospreys10-20Connacht
Nov 2Benetton18-16Edinburgh
Nov 2Cardiff Blues23-33Munster
Nov 8Connacht11-42Leinster
Nov 8Edinburgh20-7Dragons
Nov 9Ospreys14-16Isuzu Southern Kings
Nov 9Zebre7-31Glasgow Warriors
Nov 9Cardiff Blues30-17Toyota Cheetahs
Nov 9Munster22-16Ulster
Nov 9Scarlets20-17Benetton
Nov 29Munster16-18Edinburgh
Nov 29Ulster29-5 Scarlets
Nov 30Benetton28-31Cardiff Blues
Nov 30Connacht24-12Isuzu Southern Kings
Nov 30Dragons12-39Zebre
Nov 30Glasgow Warriors10-23Leinster
Nov 30Ospreys13-18Toyota Cheetahs
Dec 20Leinster54-42Ulster
Dec 21Zebre8-13Benetton
Dec 21Connacht14-19Munster
Dec 21Dragons22-20Scarlets
Dec 21Glasgow Warriors20-16Edinburgh
Dec 21Ospreys16-19Cardiff Blues
Dec 26Cardiff Blues16-12Dragons
Dec 26Scarlets44-0Ospreys
Dec 27Ulster35-3Connacht
Dec 28Benetton36-25Zebre
Dec 28Edinburgh29-19Glasgow Warriors
Dec 28Munster6-13Leinster
Jan 3Cardiff Blues14-16Scarlets
Jan 3Ulster38-17Munster
Jan 4Benetton19-38Glasgow Warriors
Jan 4Dragons25-18Ospreys
Jan 4Zebre41-13Toyota Cheetahs
Jan 4Leinster54-7Connacht
Jan 4Edinburgh61-13Isuzu Southern Kings
Jan 25Isuzu Southern Kings30-31Toyota Cheetahs
Feb 1Toyota Cheetahs45-0Isuzu Southern Kings
Feb 14Glasgow Warriors56-24Zebre
Feb 14Munster68-3Isuzu Southern Kings
Feb 15Leinster 36-12 Toyota Cheetahs
Feb 15Scarlets9-14Edinburgh
Feb 15Ospreys26-24Ulster
Feb 15Connacht29-0Cardiff Blues
Feb 15DragonsPostponedBenetton 
Feb 21EdinburghvsConnacht
Feb 21OspreysvsLeinster
Feb 21ZebrevsMunster
Feb 22Glasgow WarriorsvsDragons 
Feb 22Ulstervs Toyota Cheetahs
Feb 23Cardiff BluesvsBenetton
Feb 23ScarletsvsIsuzu Southern Kings
Feb 28EdinburghvsCardiff Blues
Feb 28LeinstervsGlasgow Warriors
Feb 29ZebrevsOspreys
Feb 29BenettonvsUlster
Feb 29MunstervsScarlets
Feb 29DragonsvsToyota Cheetahs
Mar 1Isuzu Southern KingsvsConnacht
Mar 20ConnachtvsScarlets
Mar 20UlstervsDragons
Mar 21Cardiff BluesvsZebre
Mar 21Isuzu Southern KingsvsEdinburgh
Mar 21Toyota CheetahsvsLeinster
Mar 21OspreysvsGlasgow Warriors
Mar 21BenettonvsMunster
Mar 27Isuzu Southern KingsvsLeinster
Mar 27Glasgow WarriorsvsUlster
Mar 27MunstervsBenetton
Mar 28ScarletsvsDragons
Mar 28Toyota CheetahsvsEdinburgh
Mar 28Cardiff BluesvsOspreys
Mar 28Zebrevs Connacht
Apr 10ConnachtvsGlasgow Warriors
Apr 10EdinburghvsBenetton
Apr 11MunstervsCardiff Blues
Apr 11Isuzu Southern KingsvsScarlets
Apr 11LeinstervsZebre
Apr 11Toyota CheetahsvsOspreys
Apr 11DragonsvsUlster
Apr 17Glasgow WarriorsvsToyota Cheetahs
Apr 17BenettonvsConnacht
Apr 18OspreysvsDragons
Apr 18ZebrevsIsuzu Southern Kings
Apr 18ScarletsvsCardiff Blues
Apr 18LeinstervsMunster
Apr 18UlservsEdinburgh
Apr 24BenettonvsScarlets
Apr 24DragonsvsLeinster
Apr 24EdinburghvsOspreys
Apr 25Toyota CheetahsvsZebre
Apr 25MunstervsGlasgow Warriors
Apr 25Cardiff BluesvsIsuzu Southern Kings
Apr 25ConnachtvsUlster
May 8Cardiff BluesvsConnacht
May 8Ulstervs Glasgow Warriors
May 9Toyota CheetahsvsDragons
May 9Isuzu Southern KingsvsBenetton
May 9OspreysvsZebre
May 9EdinburghvsMunster
May 9Scarlets vsLeinster
May 15LeinstervsCardiff Blues
May 16Isuzu Southern KingsvsDragons
May 16ZebrevsUlster
May 16Scarletsvs Munster
May 16Toyota CheetahsvsBenetton
May 16ConnachtvsEdinburgh
May 29BenettonvsZebre
May 29DragonsvsCardiff Blues
May 29EdinburghvsGlasgow Warriors
May 29Isuzu Southern KingsvsToyota Cheetahs
May 29MunstervsConnacht
May 29OspreysvsScarlets
May 29UlstervsLeinster