picture of Great Northwest Challenge 2018

Jun 22-23, 2018

High School select sides and all-star teams from around the nation converge on Boise, ID to find out who is ready for the next level.


The best from HS select sides along the West Coast go at it at the Great Northwest Challnege in Boise, ID.

Friday, June 22 - All Times Mountain
9AMGV.A: WA Loggers 12-64 Rugby NC 2BV.B WA Wolverines 5-24 Rugby NC PelicansBJV.C OR Redhawks 0-50 Bay Area Sharks
10AMBV.C: WA Loggers 59-0 NorCal BarbariansGV.B Utah Cannibals 44-7 NorCal 1BJV.A NC Barbarians 32-21 Utah Rugby
11AMGJV.A: Or Redhawks 59-10 ToaGJV.A Rugby NC 10-5 WA LoggersBJV.B WA Wolverines 15-12 UT Cannibals
12PMBV.A: Montana 0-80 EvolutionBV.A EIRA 36-5 OR RedhawksBJV.C Bay Area Sharks 40-21 Rugby NC
1PMGV.B: UT Cannibals 34-12 ToaGV.A NC2 0-48 OR RedhawksBJV.A EIRA 38-7 Utah Rugby
2PMBJV.B: UT Cannibals 14-43 ToaBJV.B WA Wolverines 21-24 Rhinos OCGJV.A Toa 33-5 WA Loggers
3PMBV.B WA Wolverines vs 29-17 ToaBV.A OR Redhawks vs 31-7 EvolutionBV.A EIRA 78-0 Montana
4PMBJV.A: EIRA vs NC BarbariansBV.C WA Loggers 43-0 Rhino RugbyGV.B NC1  7-33 Toa

9AMGU14.A Boise Rams vs 20-12 ID BinghamBU14.A Oregon  24-50 Rugby NC1 

10AMGU14.B Rugby NC2 vs GreywolvesBU14.B SL Valley Rhinos  32-0 Idaho Grizzlies

BV.B Rhinos  19-24 Toa
12PMGU14.A ID Bingham vs Rugby NC1BU14 Oregon  24-50 Rugby NC1BV.B Toa  20-22 Rugby Norcal
1PMGU14.B Greywolves vs Utah LionsBU14 RhinoRugby  31-0 SL Valley RhinosBV.C NC Barbarians  12-22 RhinoRugby
2PMVacantGV JV.A OR Redhawks  53-14 Rugby NCGV.A WA Loggers vs OR Redhawks
3PMGU14.A Boise Rams vs Rugby NC1BU14.A SL Valley Rhinos  0-31 Rhinos Rugby AcademyBV.C OR Redhawks  25-0 Rugby N
4PMGU14.B Rugby NC2 vs Utah LionsGV.A OR Redhawks  62-0 WA loggers

Saturday, June 23, All Times Mountain
9AMBV.1 WA Wolverines  15-24 Rhino AcademyBV.2 OR Redhawks  28-15 TOABJV.1 NC Barbarians  55-12 OR Redhawks
10AMGV.2 Utah Cannibals  39-10 Rugby NC2GV.1 OR Redhawks  20-0 TOABJV.2 WA Wolverines  34-12 Utah Rugby
11AMGJV WA Loggers  0-34 OR RedhawksGJV Rugby NC vs 14-19 ToaBJV.4 Utah Cannibals  22-7 Rugby NC
12PMBV.5 Evolution  12-0 Rugby NorCalBV.6 WA Loggers (WIN) vs 17-17 EIRA BV.4 Rhino Academy  20-25 OR Redhawks
1PMGV.4: Utah Cannibals (Win) vs OR RedhawksBJV.6 NC Barbarians vs 12-7 EIRAGV.5 Rugby NC 2  34-0 WA Loggers
2PMGJV.1 Oregon  22-12 TOAGV.6 G3 win vs G2 loserBJV.7 G1 OR Redhawks vs Utah Cannibals
3PMBV.9 Evolution  17-15 WA LoggersBV.10 G1 loser vs G3 winnerBV.7 G5 Rugby NC  17-26 EIRA
4PMBJV.10 TOA  22-19 Rhino AcademyGV.7 WA Loggers vs TOA

9AMBU14.1 ID Grizzlies  53-17 OregonGU14.2 A#3 vs B#3
BJV.4 #7 vs #8
10AMGU14.3 Rugby NC1  31-21 Boise RamsBU14.1 A#2 vs B#1BJV.3 EIRA  5-25 TOABJV.5 #9 vs #10
11AMBU14.3 SL Valley Rhinos  35-7 Rugby NC1BU14.2 A#3 vs B#3GV.3 A#3 vs B#3BV.6 A#3 vs D#3
12PMBU14.4 G1 Rhino Rugby  59-0 UD GrizzliesBJV.5 Rhino Academy  41-17 Bay Area SharksBV.3 A Montana  5-22 NC BarbariansVacant
1PMGU14.5 Rugby NC 2  37-7 Boise Rams

BV.11 G3 loser vs G4 loser
2PMBU14.4 SL Valley  10-5 Rugby NC 1GJV.2 WA Loggers  19-0 Rugby NCBJV.9 Rugby NC vs Utah RugbyBV.12 G5 loser vs G6 loser
3PMGU14.6 G1 winner vs G3 winnerBJV.8 Bay Area Sharks vs WA WolverinesBV.8 G2 TOA vs Montana
4PMGU14 Rugby NC 1 vs Rugby NC2BU14.5 G1 loser vs G2 loser