picture of 2018 Boys HS Nationals

May 17-19, 2018

Twenty-four Boys HS teams will compete at Swope Soccer Village in Kansas City, MO. for three national championship brackets.


Three separate brackets compete for three separate championships - Single-School, HS Club, and Tier II, which is the group of eight teams not seeded for the other two.

All of these games are LIVE on FloRugby.

Boys HS Rugby National Championships Schedule And Results
All times Central Time
Thursday May 17

1:001Single-School1Gonzaga 38-17 Greenwich
3:001Single-School2Jesuit 38-14 Fishers
5:001Single-School3Herriman 19-17 Penn
7:001Single-School4Xavier 36-17 St. Edward

1:002HS Club13Danville 52-21 South Bay
3:002HS Club14United 19-21 Granite Bay
5:002HS Club15Royal Irish 29-7 KC Jr. Blues
7:002HS Club16Rhinos 15-43 Fort Hunt

1:004Tier II25Eastside 37-13 Brownsburg
3:004Tier II26Phoenix Alpharetta 27-28 Aspetuck
5:004Tier II27St. Thomas Aquinas 14-15 Wando
7:004Tier II28Union 7-38 SD Mustangs

Friday May 18

11:001Single-School5Greenwich 19-31 Fishers
1:001Single-School6Penn 19-12 St. Edward
3:001Single-School7Gonzaga 27-17 Jesuit
5:001Single-School8Herriman 19-13 Xavier

11:002HS Club17South Bay 27-26 United
1:002HS Club18KC Jr Blues 45-19 Rhinos
3:002HS Club19Danville 34-14 Granite Bay
5:002HS Club20Royal Irish 26-19 Fort Hunt

11:004Tier II29Brownsburg 26-10 Phoenix Alpharetta
1:004Tier II30St. Thomas Aquinas 22-20 Union
3:004Tier II31Eastside 15-16 Aspetuck
5:004Tier II32Wando 0-45 SD Mustangs

Saturday May 19

12:004Single-School 7th/8th9Greenwich 19-24 St. Edward
2:004Single-School 5th/6th10Fishers 21-25 Penn
2:002Single-School 3rd/4th11Jesuit 17-14 Xavier
4:001Single-School Final12Gonzaga 31-26 Herriman

10:001HS Club 7th/8th21United 47-26 Rhinos
12:002HS Club 5th/6th22South Bay 20-21 KC Jr. Blues
2:002HS Club Final23Danville 27-15 Royal Irish (OT)
4:001HS Club 3rd/4th24Granite Bay 21-31 Fort Hunt

8:304Tier II 7th/8th33Phoenix Alpharetta 13-14 Union
10:004Tier II 5th/6th34Brownsburg 15-28 St. Thomas Aquinas
10:002Tier II 3rd/4th35Eastside 27-8 Wando
12:001Tier II Final36Aspetuck 19-38 SD Mustangs