picture of 2018 Girls Rugby HS Nationals

May 18-20, 2018

The top girls HS teams, both single-school and club, will face off in two multi-tiered championships May 18-20.


The two divisions will play over two days. HS Club plays Friday, May 18 to Saturday, May 19, with shortened games on Day One and longer games on Day Two.

The Single-School division will play Saturday, May 19 to Sunday, May 20, with the May 20 games again being shorter.

Fields 1 & 2 are LIVE from Murfreesboro, TN on FloRugby.


Girls HS National Championships
(All Times Eastern)

May 18Clubs

2CLUBBrunswick 45-5 KC United
1CLUBPA United 14-19 West End

2CLUBNorth Bay 31-19 Belmont Shore
1CLUBMorris 7-0 Danville

1CLUBSouth Bay 57-0 West End
2CLUBUnited 75-0 Brunswick
3CLUB 9th/10thKC United 0-71 PA United

May 19Clubs and Schools

2CLUB Belmont Shore 14-32 PA United
1CLUBNorth Bay 12-10 South Bay

3CLUBDanville 24-0 Brunswick
3CLUBMorris 0-38 United

1SCHOOL QFCatholic 41-7 Columbia
2SCHOOL QFMoon Area 5-19 Orchard Park

3SCHOOL IIState College 24-24 Grandville (G wins on kicks)
1SCHOOL QFDivine Savior 68-0 Warsaw
2SCHOOL QFKahuku 57-0 St. Joseph

3SCHOOL IIMcMinn 14-43 Broken Arrow
1CLUB 5-6 PlacePA United 22-5 Danville
2CLUB 7-8 PlaceBelmont Shore 52-12 Brunswick

1CLUB 3-4 PlaceSouth Bay 39-0 Morris
3SCHOOL Cons SFColumbia 38-0 Moon Area
2SCHOOL Cons SFWarsaw 22-15 St. Joseph

1SCHOOL IIState College 19-17 South Meck
2SCHOOL SFCatholic Mem. 43-10 Orchard Pk
3CLUBWest End 70-12 KC United

1CLUB CHAMP GAMEUnited 15-5 North Bay
2SCHOOL IIMcMinn 17-15 City Honors
3SCHOOL SFDSHA 24-25 Kahuku

1SCHOOLGrandville 56-0 South Meck
2SCHOOL IIBroken Arrow 5-51 City Honors

May 20Schools

1School 3rd/4thDSHA 42-7 Orchard Park
2School 5th/6thColumbia 45-12 Warsaw
3School 7th/8thSt. Joseph 33-17 Moon Area
1School II 3rd/4thState College 34-14 McMinn
2School II 5th/6thCity Honors 34-19 South Meck
1School II FinalGrandville 46-5 Broken Arrow
1School FinalKahuku 33-29 Catholic Memorial