2018 USA Rugby College Finals Weekend Results
May 4-5

Fullerton, CA plays host to the USA Rugby Women's D2, Women's D1, and Women's D1 Elite semis and finals.

In addition, the Men's D1AA final will be held, while up in Santa Clara, CA, the Men's D1A final is held.

Friday, May 4

Women's D2 Semis

Claremont Colleges 44, Salisbury 27

Tulane 38, Fresno State 17

Women's D1 Semis

Chico State 41, Virginia 20

Central Florida 31, UC Davis 29

Women's D1 Elite

Life University 17, Penn State 15

Lindenwood 35, BYU 7

Life Women Make D1 Elite Final

Saturday, May 5

Women's D2 Final

Tulane 31, Claremont Colleges 14

Women's D1 Final

Chico State 54, Central Florida 26

Women's D1 Elite Final

Lindenwood 34, Life University 8

Hawkins And Pedraza Celebrate Lindenwood Win

Men's D1AA Final

Mary Washington 38, Dartmouth 30

Men's D1A Final

Life University 60, California 5