Americas Pacific Challenge 2017 Results
Montevideo, Montevideo
Oct 7-18, 2017

Results and standings from the 2017 Americas Pacific Challenge in Montevideo, Uruguay.

This is a tournament of non-test teams and no caps are awarded. Teams in one group play the teams in the opposing group.


Argentina XV200156311252010
USA Selects210120110103011
Tonga A2108777102010

Samoa A12090142-52217
Uruguay A1107074-4206
Canada A03058147-89101


Saturday, Oct. 7

Samoa A 48, USA Selects 26

Argentina XV 71, Canada A 10

Uruguay A 34, Tonga A 25

Wednesday, Oct. 11

Tonga A 31-15 Canada A

Argentina XV 85-14 Samoa A

USA Selects 49-36 Uruguay A

Sunday, Oct. 15

Tonga A 31-28 Samoa A

USA Selects 45-26 Canada A

Argentina XV vs. Uruguay A