Fall 2019 Men D2 College Rankings

Week 1 Men's D2 College Rankings

We have a week's worth of results, plus a few warmups, to aid us in making our first rankings of the season. This will be a tough ranking to work through and we're taking a few flyers here.

There's a good chance that the varsity program will bubble to the top, but they haven't yet, and we're playing it somewhat safe with Wisconsin-Whitewater at #1.

And it's playing it safe in terms of history but maybe taking a risk, also, in putting Minnesota-Duluth in at #2. 

Several teams come in who weren't ranked at the end of last fall (that's what the "Prev" column refers to). That's partly because some teams have moved up a division (champions NC State, also IUPUI), or to NSCRO, or just aren't quite as strong at the moment.

We've also reduced this list to 40 to make it a bit more exclusive.

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