2019 Boys HS Rankings

Single-School Top 50 Week 19

With HS Nationals completed those results, of course, have a massive influence on these rankings. Oddly, though, the biggest change is probably from Tier II, where Rocky Mountain was enormously impressive, and so moves up from #20 to #13.

Rocky Mountain has coattails, too, and Eagle, the 2nd-place team in Idaho, comes in at #45 as a result. The biggest drop was Kahuku, which didn't have a solid Nationals. Even a slight slip can see you move down a bunch of spots, because there are so many good teams.

The biggest question up top was where to put those top seven teams. Clearly Greenwich was 7th among those, having lost to both Penn and Herriman, but Greenwich still was very close to both, and won over Kahuku in a manner similar to the other teams. So while Fishers or St. Ignatius or new Colorado champs Regis Jesuit might have an argument for 7th, right now Greenwich remains.

If Fishers can make a late run, maybe they move up.

Penn lost to East by two, Xavier by nine, and beat Greenwich. Seems right to leave them at #6. Jesuit is clearly #1. Gonzaga lost to Jesuit by five, while Herriman lost by three, and Gonzaga beat East by two, while Herriman tied East. (I said Jesuit beat Gonzaga by seven earlier, it was five, sorry about that—AG)

It's a tossup, really. Gonzaga and Herriman are very close, and East right there, too. Add in Xavier and probably Penn and you've got six teams who could have won it all. We give Herriman #2 because they were closer to scoring on Jesuit at the end, and could have won. Jesuit's defense shut down Gonzaga in the final 15 minutes in the semis.

East vs Xavier ... this is another tough one. Xavier lost their starting flyhalf early in the game against Gonzaga and lost by three. Could they have won with Nate Salter on the field? Possibly. East scored near the end of the game to lead Gonzaga 36-31, only to give up a try with no time left, and with the conversion Gonzaga won by two.

Both Xavier and East beat Penn. We get the feeling East had a slightly better chance of beating Gonzaga, as they led late, while Xavier was chasing the Eagles the whole second half. East also tied Herriman, and with a little bit of luck could have won. Xavier played Kahuku, which doesn't really help them. In the end, we go with East, but it's not an easy decision.

Gregory the Great moves up 13 spots after winning Pennsylvania, and drags Bishop Shanahan with them. Simsbury moves into the Top 50.

We had to drop two teams, which are two teams we enjoy watching—Notre Dame de La Salette, and Pelham. Both won this past weekend, so dropping them kind of stinks, but both run into strength of schedule issues.

With Pelham competing in the D2 playoffs in New York, we can't use wins as buoyancy. La Salette is being passed by Brother Rice and Marist. Both could bounce back.

Newberg (Oregon), West Allegheny, and Brother Martin are still in the running.

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