2019 Boys HS Rankings

Single-School Top 50 Week 17

We had one of those weird instances last week where a result showed up between the single-school and HS club rankings being recorded. So Pulaski got moved down in the club rankings for a result we didn't take into account in the single-school rankings.

We did now, with Marquette moving into the Single-School top 50. Also in is Brownsburg, which did so on the strength of two wins in the Midwest Championships. Penn won that, and stay #1.

St. Louis University High beat KC Jr. Blues, and bumps up because of that. Georgetown Prep's defeat of Good Counsel also precipitates a move.

And we love it when it all comes together ... #21 Gregory the Great played #22 Cumberland Valley and the result was ... a tie! So, yeah, we kind of nailed that one.

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