2019 Boys HS Rankings

Single-School Top 50 Week 9

Oh, we're so happy. Not happy that any specific team moves up or down, but that somebody moves up and down. We have to see results to make the moves, and this week we did see results.

Here's what we saw and what we thought:

Xavier beat Fort Hunt by over 50, while Gonzaga beat Fort Hunt by 21. In addition, independent observers said they felt Xavier was the stronger team. In addition, Xavier's score against Doylestown was better than Gonzaga's. For the moment, then, we go with that and put Xavier at #1.

Jesuit beat the #12 team in St. John Bosco, and that's a good result, and because of that, and despite Gonzaga winning two games over the weekend, Jesuit remains at #2 and Gonzaga drops to #3.

St. Ignatius beat #10 Fishers and that moves them, plus St. Edward, ahead of Fishers.

East HS beat United in Utah. This is a big result. United is very strong, although sometimes vulnerable in the early part of the season. That result warrants a 25-spot move for East.

We're still solid on Bosco and St. Augustine, and that seems right, as those teams are basically equal, and Bosco only lost to Jesuit by eight points. So ... De La Salle's 43-40 victory over Augustine, then, doesn't do much to drag the SoCal teams down, but insteal moves De La Salle up. 

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