2019 Boys HS Rankings

Single-School Top 50: Lake Travis, North Broughton

Well it already happened - we're starting to dismiss early results. What to do about Rocky River over Charlotte Catholic in North Carolina?

It's a one-point game, and Rocky River hasn't backed that result up with other games. In the end, Rocky River gets dropped out, and Corinth might come in to replace, but if you look at it, Corinth has been shaky, and North Broughton, which beat Corinth at the beginning of the season, has a better record. N. Brought it is.

As we said, the St. Pius X vs Westlake result might get tossed soon. Not yet, but possibly soon. Lake Travis has blasted into the Top 50 with a nice league win over Dallas Jesuit.

Torrey Pines continues to hang in there.

Northern California gets going soon.

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