Men D2 College Rankings

Final Men D2 College Rankings

Well OK, it's not that hard to put NC State at #1. The Wolfpack did the job all season, and congratulations to them.

Picking #2 took a bit more thought, and basically it came down to how Iowa Central was closer to NC State than UW-Whitewater. Such a great run over the years for Whitewater, but certainly the Warhawks would like a do-over of Sunday and have be a better, and more sanguine, day for them. 

Iowa Central is going to be a factor from now on. A new kind of program, and one that needs to retool every year, but that's OK. Should make things interesting.

Vermont stays at #4 because, A) they were competitive with Iowa CCC, and B) they beat Virginia, and we're all about recognizing the Cardinals Conference (NC State's home) as a competition of high quality. So Queens made the semis, but gets kept out of the top four because Vermont is pretty good, too.

Cardinals teams Virginia, VMI and VMI all move up because NC State has coat tails.

Well done all. See you next year.

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