Men D2 College Rankings

Playoffs And D2 Rankings Mix Nicely

The playoffs can play havoc with the rankings, and this week they did, a little. The top teams, for the most part, performed well, and while Queens beat two teams ranked above them, both games were very, very close.

Norwich drops down perhaps further than they'd like only because other teams won a game. The Cadets could easily be a top 5 team regardless, and if Queens wins it all, maybe Norwich moves up.

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It's probably a bad idea to put too much stock in consolation matches, but it's worth noting when one team really shows up (Montana Stare crushed Milwaukee on Sunday ... maybe it was Milwaukee's 2nds (they didn't fill out a roster sheet), but it's enough, coupled with the fact that Montana State scored 26 on Whitewater, to move the Fighting Bobcats up five spots.

Conversely, Bethel's huge loss to Whitewater drops them down a bit.

Marquette also gets pinged for not showing up for its consolation match. We get it, it's tough to bounce back, but you've got to play that game. 

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