Men D2 College Rankings

Playoff Shake Up D2 Rankings

The play-in rounds in the Men's D2 college playoffs are odd in that they provide only a small snapshot of the D2 landscape. Even so, we had a few rankings surprises, and really they are all explainable.

First off, four of the seven games saw the higher-ranked team win, including a game where the #32 beat the #33 12-7. Where the rankings almost got it wrong was UW-Milwaukee vs St. Louis University, a classic case of teams that don't play much outside their region having a bit of a sheltered existence.

Three of the games saw the lower-ranked team win. In the case of Iowa Central CC vs IUPUI, #9 beating #6 isn't that big an upset, especially when you consider that Iowa Central hadn't played any D2 teams, so direct comparisons were difficult.

Queens over Furman was a much bigger upset, especially considering that Queens lost to NC State by 34, and also lost 49-24 to VMI. That game, more than anything, dropped Queens down, and kind of has to be thrown out after this playoff game.

Virginia also beat Bloomsburg, which was just a case of which team that didn't win the conference is better?

So that brings us to this weekend's playoffs. Here's how the rankings match up:

#1 vs #15

#7 vs #17

#3 vs #12

#10 vs #11

#6 vs #32

#5 vs #21

#9 vs #4

#2 vs #16

Lots of chances for more upsets.

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