Men D2 College Rankings

Men D2 College Top 50: New #1!

Yes we unseated UW-Whitewater. Why? Not because Whitewater has faltered. It's more because of philosophy. Generally, when a team is preventing the opposition from scoring, that team can win regardless of how a game goes.

Vermont is 4-0 in league play, against historically solid opposition, and has not allowed a point. That has to be recognized, and we can't just shrug and say "Whitewater won the last couple of years so they must be the best." We have to question that every week.

Also moving up, IUPUI, which keeps winning, and beat a D1 side in MTSU; Marquette, which keeps winning, as well. Villanova had a bunch of wins in the MARC, but the level of competition had us keeping that team down until they beat someone stronger. 

That happened over the weekend, and Villanova moves up 22 places. Last week we had eight games that involved two ranked teams. Higher-ranked teams went 5-2-1. One of those losses was between teams ranked 14th and 18th, and the tie was between #46 and #49. 

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