Women's D1 College Rankings

Final Women D1 Ranking Of The Fall

As we said at the beginning, this was about recognizing the very best. We started with only 15 teams and now have 20, and that's a good thing, but really right now we're looking at a very small number of especially-elite teams, and then some others that are very good.

Not to knock Air Force, which is a very good team, but not as good as Lindenwood. (What team is?) Air Force did enough to move up. The USAFA was pretty clinical and showed significant understanding of the game and significant athleticism, and that was enough, coupled with results, to bump them up to #7.

Davenport slips in part because the team didn't really seem to have a good answer for Air Force until the game was essentially decided. Lots of good pieces, but not the same whole that we've seen in previous years. It's a small drop, but it's a drop.

See you next year!

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