Women's D1 College Rankings

Crimson Inching Closer

We're describing this as an all-D1 or elite D1 rankings, but what we mean by this is ... you've got to be really good to get into this list. If you're OK, or you lose to these teams by 100 points, then this is not for you.

We have added the (NCAA) designation to the teams competing in the NIRA Tier 1. This notes that those programs are full varsity, and are not competing in the USA Rugby championship. Our job here is to combine everything together to show off the very, very best women's teams.

Harvard, by virtue of beating both Quinnipiac and Army, jumps up to #3. Dartmouth, which beat Qinnipiac this past weekend and faces Harvard September 22, is right behind.

Two teams are knocking on the door at present - Mount St. Mary's and Norwich, both NCAA teams. MSM has started well but we won't see a real challenge until September 22 against Notre Dame College. Norwich has a game against Quinnipiac this weekend, and that should tell us much. 

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