Men D1AA Rankings 2018-19

Final 2018-19 D1AA Rankings

Could we have changed everything after Dartmouth beat Chico State? Yes, we could. In the end, however, it remains very difficult to compare directly these teams that don't by and large, play each other.

While Dartmouth's league season is in the fall, they don't play across borders much against the likes of Bowling Green, Mary Washington, St. Joe's, or Kentucky. Nor, really, should they. But we are left with little threads to compare one team to another.

In the end, it comes down to Dartmouth losing a close game to Army at the beginning of the fall, and Mary Washington losing a close game to Navy later on in the fall. UMW almost beat Navy, while Dartmouth had a shot, but wasn't quite as close. Navy is demonstrably stronger than Army (Navy did, after all, beat West Point this spring).

That's a thin thread on which hangs this ranking. Dartmouth may well be the #1 D1AA team in the nation. And it's reasonable to point out that Bowling Green lost to Western Michigan and Davenport before the team's playoff run. But we'll also say that playoffs trump regular-season when we rank ... always has.

Bowling Green beat Mary Washington, Kentucky, and St. Joe's on the way to the D1AA fall title. Dartmouth beat Sam Houston, Central Florida, and Chico State on the way to the spring title. Bowling Green's run seems a little more difficult. Mary Washington's one-point loss to Bowling Green, and one-point loss to Navy also hold water.

So this is our ranking.

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