Men D1AA Rankings 2018-19

The Playoff Payoff In Rankings

Well, OK, interesting. Every year we go again our gut with Western Washington, and rank them highly because of strong results, and quash that little voice that says "their competition isn't strong ... they haven't proven enough yet."

No disrespect to the Vikes, who are doing their best and playing well, but Long Beach State beat them, and that was because we held the same reservations about CSULB, and listened. As the same time, Chico State is indeed quite good, and moves up a little—not really a surprise.

Much could be shuffled around with only one game to go. If Chico or Dartmouth blows the other out, then their conferences might have coattails (Pac West more than Ivy). And we might shuffle other teams around all based on some imaginary competition between Bowling Green or Mary Washington and Dartmouth or Chico.

Nothing is settled.

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