Men D1AA Rankings 2018-19

Close Wins Shake Top-10

What do you do when a higher-ranked team wins, but it wins by a very slim margin? Well, sometimes you decide that the losing team is better than we had them ranked, and move that team up. Sometimes, we decide to move the winning team down. Sometimes it's a mixture.

That happened twice this week. Fresno State came within a point of beating Chico State, and South Florida lost to Central Florida 22-21.

In the face of the Florida teams, we kind of figured we had USF pegged just about right, and UCF slipped a couple of places. Meanwhile, we did the same with Chico State, but Fresno State deserved a big jump, and got it. Also getting a jump is Nevada, which beat Fresno State back in November, faltered a bit after that, but has been solid the last few weeks.

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