Men D1AA Rankings 2018-19

Who Ends Up #1 In D1AA?

Is there an argument for Mary Washington to be #1? There is, a very strong one.

The only team UMW lost to was Bowling Green, and BGSU ended up winning the entire D1AA fall championship. In fact, it wasn't really all that close. The Falcons stifled St. Joe's in the final. But Bowling Green was only able to beat Mary Washington by a point. It's fair to argue that had UMW had a couple of players back healthy, it might have been a different story.

Dartmouth might also have an argument for being #1, except the Big Green didn't play in the playoffs, so how could we know? Western Michigan beat Bowling Green during the season... Couldn't WMU lay claim?

Yes. And here is where the logic runs against itself. We're putting aside Bowling Green's loss to WMU in part because it was several weeks ago, in part because the game was very close, and in part because a key player left that game early due to injury.

Well, if we can factor in injuries in one measurement, why not another? Because it's #1. A team that loses in the playoffs, at the key part of the season, can't really be #1 - at least that's how we see it. Bowling Green showed great improvement, and beat two teams ranked #1 to win the fall championship. Falcons take the top spot.

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