Men D1AA Rankings 2018-19

Who Recruits? Men D1AA Preseason #11-#20

Oh we're getting close! Here is our ranking of D1AA men's college teams from #11 to #20. 

For the most part, this mirrors the end-of-season ranking for 2017-18, but not entirely. Mount St. Mary's is still young and working toward building something, and we feel strongly that the Mount will be better this year.

Even more so we feel this about Lindenwood-Belleville. The reasons are myriad, but include the fact that forfeited games pushed the Lynx down the list in 2017-18, and the additional fact that head coach Joe Lippert has worked hard on the recruiting side - 16 freshmen join the squad.

One of these teams should jump into the Top 10 in the season - at least one. It's likely someone from the MAC will do that. 

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