Club 7s Rankings Summer 2018

Final Men's Club 7s Rankings

The national championships provided a ton of data, and with it we can produce your new #1. Bulldog deserves the praise, having gone 6-0 at Nationals and put it all together when needed.

The big question for us was, do we put Mystic River (5-1) or Belmont Shore Blue (finished second in NYC) as #2? In the end, those two teams had similar results. Shore lost to Bulldog twice, and Mystic once. All three games were one try to three — so basically identical. 

Belmont Shore played slightly tougher opposition, including Old Blue (7-5 win), and Beltway, and in the only other common opponent matchups, Shore beat Denver 29-7, while Mystic beat Denver twice 19-12 and 17-5. Edge to Belmont Shore ... barely.

We also had decisions to make for four teams who went 4-2: Dallas, Old Blue, Washington Atheltic Club, and Kansas City.

Analysis showed KC (sorry guys) to be the fourth-best out of that group, and ultimately as we looked at other results we concluded that Metropolis also deserved to be ahead of the Blues.

The other three could have been ordered almost any way. Dallas beat WAC 17-10 but lost to Old Blue 14-7. WAC beat Old Blue 12-5. So the three were not only 1-1 against each other, but with a points difference of zero for all three! Crazy. So we dug a little deeper and we concluded that Old Blue's other loss was to Belmont Shore by two points. WAC's other loss was to Denver, which played well but wasn't as good as Belmont Shore. Dallas suffered a 28-7 loss to Bulldog, and struggled to beat Cleveland Academy.

It was difficult, but we ended up putting Old Blue ahead of Dallas, in part based on the totality of the summer.

WAC slips behind Denver due to that 19-12 Barbarians win. Denver had a weird tournament but ultimately played Mystic very close, twice.

Teams that didn't make nationals still were ranked relatively highly, with Life West, a 14-12 loser to WAC in the Pacific North final, and Chicago Lions, a close third in the Midwest, among them.

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