D1A College Rankings

Spring D1A Rankings Week 7

Can a tie move someone up? This one quite possibly could.

A few teams at the top of the rankings surprised us, which takes some doing. 

After Glendale Academy beat BYU earlier this year, we figured that maybe Saint Mary's might also be on the losing end. Nope, not even a little bit. Sure it was close for a while, but ultimately Gael Force (we just coined that, how do you like it?) blew through for a 58-12 win. A surprise.

FULL REPLAYS: Glendale at Saint Mary's | Davenport at LifeClemson at Lindenwood

Cal played UBC and we made no bones about it. We thought the Thunderbirds were going to win, just as they had when sweeping a pretty strong Bears team in 2017. Nope, not at all. It was close, to be sure, but Cal won 39-36. That's an impressive showing and a surprise. 

Lindenwood is a good team and better than Clemson, so we figured the Lions would win but the Tigers would get a scratch or two in. Not so much. Yes, Clemson played hard all evening, but Lindenwood shut Clemson out 39-0. A surprise.

The only surprise that went the other way was Navy getting a big ol' scare from Mary Washington. Still all of these results mean no one moves anywhere. We seriously considered moving Cal up to No.  2, but Life beat Davenport by over 40, so it seems wrong to move the Running Eagles anywhere.

The only team with a big move is UCLA. After tying San Diego State, the Bruins came out and tied Utah. Weird, yes, to have that happen two games in a row. One might even call it a surprise. It was enough to move UCLA up next to the Utes (who have been inconsistent but have a ton of potential) and nearer San Diego State. However, we're still not convinced on the Bruins or Utah yet.

What does all of this have to do with the playoffs? Yes, glad you asked. The top 16 teams get into the D1A playoffs, although conference winners get in, too, even if those conference winners aren't in the top 16. Then you've got some top 16 teams that won't play in the playoffs. 

Based on the rankings below (which is how this writer votes for USA Rugby's D1A rankings), the 16 playoff teams would be Saint Mary's, Life, Cal, BYU, Lindenwood, Navy, Penn State, Indiana, Arizona, Arkansas State, Notre Dame College, Army, Grand Canyon, SD State, Colorado State, and the winner of the Red River (LSU is looking good right now, maybe Texas A&M or Baylor).

But there is still time for someone to make a move. UC Davis, UCLA, Utah, Central Washington, and Davenport are all on the bubble.

FloRugby 2017-18 D1A Men College Rankings Week #7
11Saint Mary'sCaliforniaBeat Glendale Academy
22LifeMid-SouthBeat Davenport (24)
33CaliforniaPACBeat UBC
44BYUIndependentGame stopped due to cold
55LindenwoodMid-SouthBeat Clemson (29)
66NavyIndependentBeat Mary Washington
77Penn StateRugby EastIdle
88IndianaBig 10Idle
99ArizonaPACBeat Arizona State
1010Ohio StateBig 10Idle
1111Arkansas StateMid-SouthIdle
1212Notre Dame CollegeRugby EastIdle
1313ArmyRugby EastIdle
1414Grand CanyonIndependentIdle
1515KutztownRugby EastIdle
1717San Diego StateCaliforniaBeat UC Santa Barbara
1818UC-DavisCaliforniaBeat Santa Clara
1919WisconsinBig 10Idle
2030UCLAPACTied San Diego State (17)
2121UtahPACTied UCLA
2220Central WashingtonIndependentIdle
2324DavenportMid-SouthLost to Life (2)
2425LSURed RiverBeat Texas (34)
2526Texas A&MRed RiverBeat Houston
2622Colorado StateRocky MountainIdle
2723St. BonaventureRugby EastIdle
2827BaylorRed RiverIdle
2928Cal PolyCaliforniaIdle
3029ClemsonMid-SouthLost to Lindenwood (5)
3131Michigan StateBig 10Idle
3232OklahomaRed RiverIdle
3333Utah ValleyRocky MountainGame stopped due to cold
3434TexasRed RiverLost to LSU (25)
3636ArkansasRed RiverIdle
3838Air ForceRocky MountainIdle
3939Utah StateRocky MountainIdle
4040Wheeling JesuitRugby EastIdle