Goff: You Have To Stick With The Bracket

Goff Talks D1A Semis: You Have To Stick With The Bracket

Apr 24, 2018

Alex Goff explains why D1A changed the semifinal matchups for this year’s championship, and then editorializes on whether it was the right thing to do.

The original D1A bracket had Lindenwood playing Penn State in Moraga, CA, and Cal taking on Life in Marietta, GA.

But D1A's Executive Committee announced Sunday it was changing the matchups in order to save money and ensure large crowds at each semifinal.

So Lindenwood will still travel to Moraga, but this time to play Cal. This ensures more fans at the game (most will be Cal fans) and a large share of the travel amelioration budget to offset Lindenwood's costs. 

Cal is reportedly also chipping in because Cal gets to avoid a $40,000 trip to Georgia.

In addition, Penn State now has a less expensive trip to Marietta.

However, is that sufficient reason to change the semis in the middle of the playoffs?