These 20 Rugby Jokes & Puns Are Hysterical

These 20 Rugby Jokes & Puns Are Hysterical

Have a good laugh today and read through these hilarious rugby jokes.

Jun 23, 2020 by Alex Rees
These 20 Rugby Jokes & Puns Are Hysterical

Rugby folks love a good laugh, especially when it's at the expense of other teams. Check out these 20 rugby related jokes, and remember it's all in good fun and not meant to be hurtful to anyone! Enjoy:

  • Two Tongans, two Fijians, and two Samoans walk into a bar. The bartender says to them, "First round's on me boys. Congrats on your selection to the All Blacks!"

  • There’s a fine line between success and failure in international rugby. It’s called Hadrian’s wall.

  • What do you call a Welshman in the World Cup final?! Nigel Owens.

  • "The Bledisloe is Australia's this year."

  • Pen Rugby Club squared off against Pencil Rugby Football Club over the weekend. It ended in a draw. 

  • Someone suggested playing a game in outer space, but I had to point out there just wouldn't be any atmosphere. 

  • A friend of mine only goes to watch rugby to play pranks on people. He likes Twickenham.

  • A priest I know has taken up rugby. He’s scored a few tries but hasn’t made any conversions yet.

  • Once you've heard one rugby joke, you've heard a maul. 

  • Your favourite sport says a lot about your life. For example: rugby has a breakdown every ten seconds, and so do I.

  • A local team of ghosts have taken up rugby. They are excellent at scoring drop ghouls.

  • Which Star Wars character is the best in the set piece? Darth Maul.

  • Went to a rugby referee’s retirement recently. It was a good send off.

  • How many American Rugby fans does it take to change a lightbulb? Both of them.

  • A Scotsman walks into a bar... usually there's a Welshman and an Englishman in this story too, but they're still at the World Cup. 

  • Japan has now beaten Ireland and Scotland at the World Cup, now they just need to beat England. They already have a good record against Whales. 

  • A rugby player goes to the physio and says “it hurts when I touch my arm, my chest and my leg.” The physio says, “You’ve broken your finger”.

  • Ireland's World Cup quarterfinal record.

  • The Italian head coach takes Italy out for training and tells everyone to assume their normal position. So they all go and stand behind the goalposts and wait for the conversion.

And the best for last...

  • An Australian man decided to buy two rugby franchises in America. He named them the Gilgronis and the Giltinis.