2019 Rugby World Cup

A Boat Race For 3rd Place? Gatland Thinks So

A Boat Race For 3rd Place? Gatland Thinks So

How better to settle a consolation match at the Rugby World Cup?

Oct 30, 2019 by FloRugby Staff
A Boat Race For 3rd Place? Gatland Thinks So

Wales coach Warren Gatland joked Wednesday that a drinking game should settle third place at the Rugby World Cup as he prepares his disappointed players to face New Zealand.

The play-off is a dreaded fixture for the two beaten semi-finalists, and Gatland said he could see the sense in replacing it with a "boat race" speed-drinking game.

"I think Steve Tew (New Zealand Rugby Union chief executive) made a joke to Martyn Phillips (Welsh Rugby Union chief executive) that both teams should have a boat race and we could settle it that way," Gatland told reporters on Wednesday.

"I can see the relevance in that."

When asked who would win the boat race -- where members of a team down beers in sequence -- Gatland replied: "(Lock) Bradley Davies I think. We might have one after the game."

Gatland changed nine players from their bruising defeat to South Africa as they get ready to take on the 1987, 2011 and 2015 champions in Tokyo on Friday.

England beat New Zealand in the semis after forming a V shape to challenge their haka, but Gatland said he hadn't made any plans for the pre-match ritual.

"We haven't even spoken about the haka. We might do a 'W' for Wales. It hasn't really crossed my mind," said the New Zealander, who is stepping down after the game.

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