2019 USA Rugby Club 7s

Guest Drafters Take Fantasy Draft Contest Over 'Experts'

Guest Drafters Take Fantasy Draft Contest Over 'Experts'

A wrapup of the Club 7s Fantasy Draft.

Aug 11, 2019 by Alex Goff
Miss Pass: Our Club 7s Fantasy Draft

The supposed experts got dinged by the guests as a robot and guest drafter Mike Friday won the Club 7s Fantasy Draft for the women and men, respectively.

It wasn't easy, with both R2D2 (essentially a blind drafter using FloRugby's rankings) and Friday (who chose his own teams) had FloRugby Editor Alex Goff breathing down their necks.

Here's how it worked:

Goff, Austin Willis, and Alex Rees all drafted teams they thought would do well in the Club 7s Championships. Before the draft, USA Men's Sevens coach Friday was given the list of teams and told to choose two from the top eight (based on FloRugby's rankings), and two from the bottom eight.

R2D2 stood in for USA Women's Sevens coach Chris Brown, who we asked too late for him to give us an answer. The droid simply chose the highest-ranked team available.

The result was, basically, that our rankings were very good.

Goff screwed up because, while he chose both finalists for the women's bracket, and had some consistently strong picks in the men, he also picked two of the lower-finishing women's teams, and his pick to win it all on the men's side, Denver, had a poor tournament overall.

(We used the Men's Sevens World Series points system because it's designed for 16 teams. We had to adjust it slightly because the World Series doesn't have every team play out to all of the placements.)

Willis and Rees? Well see how they did:

FridayLife West2nd19

Belmont Shore Blue12th5


Kansas City Blues15th248

Atlanta Old White8th10

Schuylkill River4th15

ReesNAV 7s11th6

Belmont Shore Gold10th7

Mystic River14th3

Chicago Lions5th1329
GoffPark City Haggis5th12

Denver Barbarians13th4

Old Blue3rd17

Westside Ronins7th1144


Chicago Lions7th11

Atlanta Harlequins6th12

WillisARPTC Blue9th8

New York10th7

Rocky Mountain11th6

ReesLife West4th15

Santa Barbara Academy14th3


GoffSan Diego Surfers1st22

Berkeley All Blues2nd19

DC Furies15th2

ARPTC White13th447