It's Championship Time: Weekend Watch Guide

HS Nationals: Sights And Sounds From Rd 1

Three HS champions will be crowned, five club divisions decide their finals weekend, four more overseas pro teams decide their finalists, and one more league comes down to crunch time.

All are part of a stacked FloRugby weekend.

We've got 74 live games this weekend, with fans all over the world able to see 68 of them. The only limited-viewership games are the French pro games (USA only), and the PRO14 (Latin America, Spain, Portugal, France, Middle East, and North Africa).

Boys HS Nationals (May 16th-18th from 8am-4pm CT)

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Three brackets for Boys HS teams clash at the RAC in Salt Lake City:

Boys Single-School

Day 1
5:00 PMPenn HS vs East1
5:00 PMHerriman vs Greenwich2
6:30 PMJesuit vs Kahuku1
6:30 PMGonzaga vs Xavier2

Day 2
4:00 PMSS Semifinal1
4:00 PMSS 5th-Place SF2
5:30 PMSS Semifinal1
5:30 PMSS 5th-Place SF2

Day 3
11:00 AMSS 7th/8th2
12:30 PMSS 5th/6th2
2:00 PMSS 3rd/4th1
5:00 PMSS Final1

Boys HS Club

Day 1
2:00 PMBack Bay vs KC Jr Blues1
2:00 PMLamorinda vs Charlotte Tigers2
3:30 PMRoyal Irish vs Danville1
3:30 PMGranite Bay vs San Diego 2

Day 2
1:00 PMClub Semifinal1
2:30 PMClub Semifinal1
1:00 PMClub 5th-Place SF2
2:30 PMClub 5th-Place SF2

Day 3
9:30 AMClub 7th/8th2
12:30 PMClub 3rd/4th1
2:00 PMClub 5th/6th2
3:30 PMClub Final1

Boys Tier II

Day 1
11:00 AMWando vs United1
11:00 AMRocky Mntn vs Snow Canyon2
12:30 PMSt. Thomas Aquinas vs Eastside1
12:30 PMRaleigh vs Aspetuck2

Day 2
10:00 AMTier II Semifinal1
10:00 AMTier II 5th-Place SF2
11:30 AMTier II Semifinal1
11:30 AMTier II 5th-Place SF2

Day 3
8:00 AMTier II 7th/8th2
8:00 AMTier II 5th/6th1
9:30 AMTier II 3rd/4th1
11:00 AMTier II Final1

Every team plays one game a day over the course of three days, and FloRugby has all 36 games live. This is one of the most wide-open tournaments in years, with the neither the Single-School and HS Club defending champion coming in seeded #1

USAR Club Regional Eastern Championship (Saturday May 18th at 4pm CT)

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Saturday 10 am Men's D3 Grand Rapids vs Savannah

Saturday 10 am Men's D3 Long Island vs Northeast Philadephia

Saturday 11:45am Women's D2 Buffalo vs Atlanta Harlequins

Saturday 1:30pm Men's D2 Cleveland Crusaders vs Atlanta Old White

Saturday 1:30pm Men's D2 Buffalo vs Doylestown

Saturday 3:15pm Women's D1 NOVA vs Metropolis

Saturday 3:15pm Women's D1 Detroit vs Raleigh

Saturday 5:00pm Men's D1 Chicago Lions vs Life Running Eagles

USAR Club Regional Eastern Championships (Sunday May 19th at 8:15amCT-1:30pm CT)

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Sunday 8:15am Women's D2 Loser Match 3 vs Loser Match 4

Sunday 8:15am Men's D3 Loser Match 1 vs Loser Match 2

Sunday 10:00 am Men's D3 Winner Match 1 vs Winner Match 2

Sunday 10:00am Men's D2 Loser Match 5 vs Loser Match 6

Sunday 11:45am Men's D2 Winner Match 5  vs Winner Match 6

Sunday 11:45am Women's D2 Winner Match 3 vs Winner Match 4

Sunday 1:30pm Women's D1 Winner Match 7 vs Winner Match 8

Sunday 1:30pm Women's D1 Loser Match 7 vs Loser Match 8

The Life Running Eagles men's squad get their shot to advance to the National Championship in the last match on Saturday. The men's squad cheered on many of their former teammates as the undergrads beat Cal for the second year in a row in the D1A National championship. Can the men pull off the Life sweep? Life vs Life West final?

The Chicago Lions survived a polar vortex and they are two weeks removed from the Midwest Championship. They'll head south to take on Life in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

USAR Club Regional Western Championship (Saturday May 18th 10am-5pm CT)

The Austin Blacks will have a huge home-field advantage this weekend, but they earned it. When three of your teams make the national playoffs from three different divisions you've earned a host spot. The Austin Valkyries have two teams in the women's D1 and D2 playoffs.

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10am Men's D3 Napa Valley vs Kern County

10am Men's D3 Queen City vs Austin Blacks

11:45am Women's D2 St. Louis Sabres vs Austin Valkyries

11:45am Women's D2 Sacramento Amazons vs Las Vegas Slots

1:30pm Men's D2 Wichita Barbarians vs Austin Blacks D2

1:30pm Men's D2 Olympic Club vs San Diego Old Aztecs

3:15pm Women's D1 Glendale Merlins vs Belmont Shore

3:15pm Women's D1 HARC vs Austin Valkyries

5:00pm Men's D1 Austin Blacks vs Life West

USAR Club Regional Western Championships (Sunday May 19th at 8:15amCT-1:30pm CT)

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8:15am Women's D2 Loser Match 3 vs Loser Match 4

8:15am Men's D3 Loser Match 1 vs Loser Match 2

10:00am Men's D3 Winner Match 2 vs Winner Match 2

10:00am Men's D2 Loser Match 5 vs Loser Match 6

11:45am Men's D2 Winner Match 5 vs Winner Match 6

11:45am Women's D2 Winner Match 3 vs Winner Match 4

1:30pm Women's D1 Winner Match 7 vs Winner Match 8

1:30pm Women's D1. Loser Match 7 vs Loser Match 8

2019 Pro 14 SF: Glasgow Warriors vs Ulster Rugby (Saturday May 18th 1:30pm CT)

Watch Glasgow vs Ulster Live on FloRugby!

After missing out on the Champions Cup semifinals. Glasgow and Ulster go hunting for a different trophy.

For fans in Latin America, Spain, France, Portugal, the Middle East, and North Africa

2019 Pro 14 SF: Leinster vs Munster Rugby (Saturday May 18th 8:30am CT)

Watch Leinster vs Munster Live!

Anyone hoping for a Champions Cup third-place match? Here it is. 

Yea, it is a little unfair to force Leinster up against another of the world's best clubs this week, but that's showbiz. Leinster's bone-crushing match against the Sarries will be felt in this match.

For fans in Latin America, Spain, France, Portugal, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Top 14 Round 25

It's the penultimate weekend of the French Top 14. Lion and La Rochelle are 3rd and 4th and really they're just in a battle to get the higher seed.

Lyon vs La Rochelle (Saturday May 18th 2pm CT)

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The winner of Montpellier and Stade Francais has its playoff hopes still alive. The loser will be left wondering what happened.

Montpellier vs Stade Francais (Sunday May 19th 5:30am CT)

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Pro D2 Semifinals

Oyonnax and Brive both got a bye to these semifinals, while Bayonne and Vannes had to play for a chance to be here. The winners play for the league title, but they also get something else. Both will have a chance for promotion to the Top 14.

Oyonnax vs Bayonne (Saturday May 18th 12pm CT)

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Brives vs Vannes (Sunday May 19th 12pm CT)

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We Stand With You

The events of the last week have been tremendously painful to us all.

Rugby Drills That Keep Your Social Distance

As of June 1st, many rugby teams have been granted the option of getting together to conduct practice. However, the practices must adhere to the six feet social distancing rules and players are not allowed to use any equipment. Therefore, options for a practice plan are going to be extremely limited, but that doesn't mean you can't still get some good out of having the team together. 

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Somewhere, someday, somebody in 19th century thought to themselves, "Hmm, rugby would be a lot cooler if there were less players and more space to work with." The solution to this pondering was the invention of rugby sevens, which as the name would suggest, involves two teams of sevens playing on the same size pitch as a standard rugby game. 

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