FAQs Regarding FloSports' Acquisition Of The Rugby Channel

Frequently asked questions about The Rugby Channel acquisition by FloSports.

What is FloSports?

FloSports is a 100 percent digital sports media company based in Austin, Texas, with a network of 20-plus sites focused on live and on-demand video coverage, original content, breaking news and more. Each site has free and premium content, including live events and more. Premium content can be accessed via PRO subscriptions.

Visit FloSports.tv and follow FloSports on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn for additional information.

What is FloRugby? 

FloSports launched FloRugby in early 2017 to provide comprehensive rugby coverage across all levels of the sport with a focus on North American rugby. Under the direction of Senior Editor, Alex Goff, FloRugby offers live streams of top high school, college, club, and international rugby competitions, as well as news and analysis, high school and college team and player rankings, and more.

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How will this grow the game of rugby?

There has never been more live rugby coverage across all levels in the U.S. than there is now because of this deal. FloRugby will feature more than 100 days of live rugby coverage year-round, and this includes international rugby competitions as well.

In addition, FloRugby will produce original content with current and former stars, such as:

  • Phaidra Knight - World Rugby Hall of Famer 
  • Mike Te’o - Men’s Eagle 
  • Kelsi Stockert - Current Women’s 7s star 
  • Joanne Fa’avesi - Team USA Olympian 
  • Cam Dolan - Former USA U19 team captain and current San Diego Legion 
  • Hanco Germishuys - Former USA U20 team captain and MVP 
  • Peter Malcolm - Powerful hooker and current Austin Elite-front rower 
  • Bryce Campbell - Rudy Scholz Award winner, USA Eagle, and current Glendale Raptor 

What does a PRO subscription on FloRugby mean?

A PRO subscription is how FloSports refers to its subscription level. PRO subscribers (either monthly or yearly) on FloRugby.com gain access to premium content not only on FloRugby.com but also on every other site in the FloSports network. This includes access to more than 10,000 live sports events per year, original documentaries, rankings, technique and training videos, and more. Join Now

How much does FloRugby cost?

FloRugby has two PRO subscription options—monthly or annual. A monthly PRO subscription is $30/mo., while annual PRO subscriptions are $150/yr. ($12.50/mo. prorated). Both monthly and annual PRO subscriptions on FloRugby.com unlock access to premium content across the entire FloSports network. Subscribers can use their same log-in credentials across the sites.

Does FloRugby offer anything that The Rugby Channel doesn’t?

All live programming and premium content previously available only on FloRugby will now be available to The Rugby Channel subscribers as well. This includes the Wales vs. South Africa match June 2, Life University and Saint Mary’s college home matches, New York 7s, West Coast 7s, American high school and college rugby team and player rankings, and more. With this deal, there will be more than 45 weekends of live rugby coverage on FloRugby.

As part of the acquisition, The Rugby Channel subscribers will soon have their monthly or yearly subscriptions automatically transferred to the equivalent FloRugby PRO subscription at no cost. Subscribers will continue to pay their current rates. Until then, all upcoming matches scheduled to be broadcast on The Rugby Channel will continue to be available on TheRugbyChannel.tv, as well as on FloRugby.com.

Will the price of my subscription to The Rugby Channel increase or decrease?

No. All current subscribers to The Rugby Channel will be grandfathered into the equivalent monthly or annual PRO subscription on FloRugby.com at their existing rates. If you cancel your subscription and re-subscribe to FloRugby.com, the previous prices will no longer apply.

Where do I watch upcoming matches that I expected to see on The Rugby Channel?

Matches will be simulcast on TheRugbyChannel.tv and FloRugby.com until further notice. The Rugby Channel subscribers will soon have their monthly or yearly subscriptions automatically transferred to the equivalent FloRugby PRO subscription at no cost. Starting June 9, users will no longer be able to subscribe to The Rugby Channel and will be directed to FloRugby.com to subscribe. Existing subscribers to The Rugby Channel will continue to be able to log in to TheRugbyChannel.tv to watch matches until their subscriptions are transferred to FloRugby at a future date. There will be notifications sent to subscribers ahead of the transfer once a date is determined. 

Where can I see the upcoming schedule of matches?

Visit FloRugby.com/events to view the schedule and check back often as more matches are added.

What will happen to The Rugby Channel?

Once existing subscribers to The Rugby Channel are transferred to FloRugby, all future matches and content will live exclusively on FloRugby.com, and TheRugbyChannel.tv will be shut down. Once the transfer date is determined, subscribers to The Rugby Channel will be notified ahead of time.

What else does FloRugby provide beside live streaming of events?

FloRugby has a mixture of free and premium content, including rankings, podcasts, player profiles, exclusive interviews, and more.

Is there a FloRugby app?

Yes, you can watch FloRugby on your iOS mobile devices by downloading the FloSports iOS app. The FloSports app includes access to all sites in the FloSports network. You can also watch FloRugby on your big screen via the FloSports app on Roku and Apple TV 4.

How can I contact FloRugby and FloSports?

Still have questions? You can reach us on social media or by emailing us at support@flosports.tv.

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