Boys Varsity All-Star Rankings!

With the Regional Cup Tournaments -- the high school all-star season -- done for the summer, here's a look at the top 15 boys varsity all-star teams.

We tracked teams based on their records, how convincing they were in winning games, and the level of competition. A couple of notes about these rankings:

We Copped Out

NorCal Sac Valley and Washington Loggers tied in the GNC final. Officially, it was a win for Sac Valley on penalty kicks, but from a rugby perspective, both teams were even. We kept it that way in the rankings.

Why Not West Valley?

Technically, the West Valley Warriors are not a select team but rather a club that played in the Rocky Mountain Challenge.

And they not only played but also won -- a lot. The team's scores against stat was pretty impressive, but we bumped the Warriors down because... well, there was a more worthy team in the parameters of all-star play.

The Whole Idea

The point of all-star play is to bring players from a variety of teams and showcase their skills on a new team. Bring up some kids from a lower division, mix them with players from national contenders, and then go out and show yourself on the field. No team did that more than the Celtic Elite. While St. Edward was a major contributor to the team, there were players from all over the Rugby Ohio spectrum.

And they pitched up. They played in two tournaments, and that's not even counting a Midwest warmup in which the Elite went 2-0. Going 7-0 against all-star teams is hugely impressive, and that's why Celtic Elite is No. 1.

Further Down

Rugby PA gets NO. 5 because of a close loss to Celtic Elite. North Carolina was 4-0 but against slightly less strong opposition than other teams with losses. EIRA Midwest was 5-3, but we also recognize that the program fielded two very different teams for the Rocky Mountain Challenge and the Midwest RCT. So EIRA gets No. 7 over Arizona in part because EIRA Midwest beat Arizona. That was a tough loss for the Bobcats (21-14). They could have been much further up were it not for that loss.

Boys Varsity All-Star Rankings
1 Celtic Ohio 7 0 0 263 72 191
2 West Valley Warriors 4 0 0 131 23 108
T3 NorCal Sac Valley 3 0 1 116 70 46
T3 Washington Loggers 3 0 1 130 55 75
5 Rugby PA 2 1 0 90 47 43
6 North Carolina 4 0 0 134 15 119
7 EIRA Midwest 5 3 0 208 174 34
8 Arizona 3 1 0 150 53 97
9 Oregon Red Hawks 3 1 0 131 19 112
10 Tennessee 3 1 0 72 43 29
11 Wisconsin 3 1 0 97 80 17
12 Rugby CT 3 0 0 96 34 62
13 SoCal Griffins 3 1 0 96 54 42
14 NorCal Bay Area 3 1 0 101 87 14
15 Maryland 2 1 0 49 50 -1

2016 Boys HS All-Star Rankings

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