Final Boys HS Club Rankings for 2016-17

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The final HS Club rankings are here ... well, mostly final.

With two of the ranked clubs actually playing in All-Star tournaments, there is a chance that an excellent showing by the West Valley Warriors or Okapi Wanderers will warrant a bump up. But the chances are, they won't move much.

This week's ranking has very little movement as it's just about a few playoffs here and there. The Irvine Rhinos defeated Back Bay in the SoCal final, so we have to take that into account, while Edina defeated Eagan, and so moves into the rankings.

The Chargers won Wisconsin, as expected, but needed overtime to do it. So Elkhorn, which lost in overtime (actually on kicks after OT didn't settle it), moves in. With Nebraska being close, and the emergence of strong competition in SoCal's DII, we decided to extend the rankings to 55. That allowed us to add Siouxland and Gretna from Nebraska, and La Cueva from New Mexico. 

Goff Rugby Report / FloRugby Boys HS Club Rankings 2017 Week #18
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Royal Irish (Ind.)
2 2 Fort Hunt (Va.)
3 3 Danville Oaks (Calif.)
4 4 Granite Bay (Calif.)
5 5 Doylestown (Pa.)
6 6 Woodlands (Texas)
7 7 West Valley Warriors (Utah)
8 9 Irvine Rhinos (Calif.) Bt. Back Bay (8)
8 8 Back Bay (Calif.) Lost to Irvine (9)
10 10 CK McClatchy (Calif.)
11 11 Belmont Shore (Calif.)
12 12 Genesis (Utah)
13 13 Cy Fair (Texas)
14 14 San Diego Mustangs (Calif.)
15 15 United (Utah)
16 16 Coastal Dragons (Calif.)
17 17 Quins Colts (Texas)
18 18 Katy (Texas)
19 19 Chargers (Wisc.) Bt. Elkhorn
20 20 Harpeth (Tenn.)
21 21 Peninsula Green (Calif.)
22 22 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.)
23 23 Union County (NC)
24 24 SFGG (Calif.)
25 25 Bayou Hurricanes (La.)
26 26 STA Florida
27 27 Okapi Wanderers (Fla.)
28 28 Prince William/Loudon (Va.)
29 29 Media (Pa)
30 30 Tacoma (Wash.) Bt. Liberty (31)
31 31 Liberty (Wash.) Lost to Tacoma (30)
32 32 Santa Monica (Calif.)
33 33 Beaverton (Ore.)
34 34 South Bay (Calif.)
35 35 Maryland Exiles
36 36 Bethesda (Md.)
37 37 Red Mountain (Ariz.)
38 Unr Edina (Minn.) Bt. Eagan (38)
39 38 Eagan (Minn.) Lost to Edina
40 39 Little Rock (Ark)
41 Unr Elkhorn (Wisc.) Lost to Chargers (19) in OT
42 40 SacPD PAL (Calif.)
43 41 Elsie Allen (Calif.)
44 42 Central Parkway (Calif.)
45 43 Chico Oaks (Calif.)
46 44 Ravenwood (Tenn)
47 48 Valley Rams (Ore.)
48 45 Raleigh Rattlesnakes (NC)
49 47 Charlotte Tigers (NC)
50 50 Millard (Neb.)
51 46 Allen (Texas)
52 49 West Shore (Pa.)
53 Unr Siouxland (Neb.)
54 Unr Gretna (Neb.)
55 Unr La Cueva (NM)

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