2017 Austin Huns vs. Glendale Raptors

Throwback Thursday: USA Rugby Referee Gets Folded

Throwback Thursday: USA Rugby Referee Gets Folded

USA Rugby referee, Derek Summers, gets folded 'like a lawn chair.'

Apr 27, 2017 by Michael Cramer
USA Rugby Referee Derek Summers Goes Down
Derek Summers is no stranger to getting hit on the rugby field. As a former Northeastern State rugger, Summers once again found himself on the receiving end of a tackle, albeit accidentally, while officiating the Glendale Raptors' 45-13 road win over the Austin Huns in the Major Rugby Championship on Saturday.

WATCH FULL REPLAY: Glendale Raptors at Austin Huns

After a short stoppage of play, Summers recovered from the collision and continued to referee the game.

A Tulsa, Oklahoma, native, Summers originally became a referee by accident, according to his USA Rugby profile.

I stopped playing after my second serious shoulder injury, and one Saturday I was asked (more like told) to referee my old club NSU when the ref didn't show. I was in khaki shorts and a T-shirt, and used a self-defense whistle that someone's girlfriend had, which ironically wasn't very loud.

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