D1A National Quarterfinals: Baylor vs Arizona

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2nd Half Stream

1st Half Stream

Baylor will take on Arizona in their D1A National Quarterfinal at Baylor. Tune in here on Saturday to watch the match LIVE.

Baylor Reserves Arizona Reserves
1. Nate Portz 16. Rich Colsanta 1. Steven Branham 16. Karl Steffany
2. Robert Phelps 17. Luke Mccowan 2. Zach Briggs 17. Cody Hunt
3. Campbell Voltmann 18. Andrew Honderich 3. Kurt Vecchio 18. Sam Peri
4.Erriton Fuller 19. Ryan Bobo 4. Sean Coleman 19. Ben Scoular
5. Cordon Moog 20. Sam Budnick 5. Bronson Teles 20. Anton Grigoriou
6. Austin Pace 21. Marcus Guerrero 6. Zach Heisterkamp 21. Shance Dempsey
7. Ryan Macintosh 22. Caleb Macmaster 7. Ryan Fitzptrick 22. Garrett Walker
8. Pete Hamm (C) 23. Westin Pruski 8. Tyler Hansen 23. Ryan Hudson
9. Ben Neukomm 9. Matt Rogers
10. Parker Vincent 10. Kyle Rogers (C)
11. Taylor Mcgehee 11. Dante Weeks
12. Stewart Morris 12. Luke Thayer
13. Jeffrey Scott 13. Ben Joseph
14. Abu Kamara 14. Jeremy Fleet
15. Luke Davis 15. Jack San Pietro

D1 College Games: Our Picks, Our Live Coverage

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The fall D1AA playoffs happen this weekend, and while the two brackets play in two regional quarters and semis, those regions are both in Ohio, go figure.

Northeastern, Cortland, Rumble In Liberty Challenge

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If there’s a championship clash in the Liberty Conference Challenge, you might argue it's Cortland v Northeastern.

UConn, Binghamton Can Prove Much In Challenge Match

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The University of Connecticut rugby players take a lot of pride in how far they’ve come as a team. In a year's time, the Huskies followed up a 1-6 record in 2016 with a 6-1 mark this season — and they're not done yet.

AIC vs. Fordham Matchup Is One Of Many Highlights At Liberty Challenge

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It's tough to identify the top matchup at this weekend's Liberty Conference Challenge, but American International College vs. Fordham seems to have that kind of cache.

Eagles Named To Face Germany

David Barpal Scully v Russia 2016

The starting lineup for the USA in Saturday's test match against Germany has been named.

Are Challenge Matches A Better Format For College Postseason?


By John Broker

Pic Of The Week: He's OK, Folks

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Every now and then a photographer captures a special moment on the field. 

After Challenge Of D1A, Tufts Faces Liberty Challenge

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Moving up from National Small College rugby to D1A was supposed to be a massive jump for Tufts, but for the Jumbos, it wasn’t so big.

RLWC: Two QFs On Facebook Live

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Two of the Rugby League World Cup quarterfinals will be shown live on FloRugby's Facebook Page.

Red River Turbulent As A&M Looks To OU

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FloRugby’s live coverage of Red River Conference games begins this weekend, just as the conference is trying to figure itself out.