2024 Leinster Rugby vs Stade Toulousain - Champions Cup Final

Leinster Vs. Toulouse Rugby Live Updates In The Investec Champions Cup 2024

Leinster Vs. Toulouse Rugby Live Updates In The Investec Champions Cup 2024

Investec Champions Cup Final between Irish Rugby power Leinster Rugby and Antoine Dupont and Top 14 power Toulouse is set for 9:45 a.m. EDT. Follow Live!

May 25, 2024 by Joe Harrington

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The biggest day of 2024 in European Professional Club Rugby is here. And its doesn't get much bigger than this. 

For the last two seasons, Leinster Rugby and Toulouse Rugby, or Stade Toulousain, have met in the Champions Cup semifinals, but today, the two clubs with the most EPCR Champions Cup titles meet in the final for the first time. 

The showdown in the 2024 Investec Champions Cup Final at 9:45 a.m. EDT at Tottenham Stadium in London will feature three of the five best players in the world

It'll feature more than 30 players who play for national teams ranked in the top 10 in the World Rugby rankings. 

It'll be for the title of the best professional rugby club in the history of the EPCR Champions Cup. It may even determine who the best professional club is in the world this year.  

Leinster Rugby of the United Rugby Championship is in the Champions Cup Final for the third year in a row and has been seeking its record-tying fifth Champions Cup. 

Toulouse, the defending Top 14 champion, won number five in 2021 and wants to separate from the field. 

Who will win the 2024 Investec Champions Cup? Follow the match live below by refreshing this page for the latest news, scoring updates and more breaking news. 

Live Updates From Leinster Vs. Toulouse 

FULL TIME: Stade Toulousain is the champion of Europe for the sixth time and moves two clear of Leinster following a titanic struggle here at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

Leinster fought valiantly all the way and nearly finished with a flourish, but it is not to be! The Investec Champions Cup remains in France for a fourth season running! 

This one will sting for Leinster, perhaps no more than the past two, but if not now when? Unfortunately for the brilliant men in blue, it is an all-too-familiar story, as they lost the key Championship minutes once again. Toulouse, on the other hand, composed itself following regular-time wobbles and deserves to be champion! 

Min 99: Absolutely the right idea from Frawley, but the execution lets him down as he goes for a drop goal, and Toulouse has won this one! Dupont is both the Player of the Match and the Player of the Season.

Min 98: Ntamack finds touch, and Leinster will need to build again but really is running out of time here.

Min 97: A promising Leinster attack comes to nothing as van der Flier knocks on. Toulouse scrums as time winds down. The crowd is getting irritated with Toulouse routinely taking a knee and slowing the pace of the match.

Min 94: PENLATY! Ramos nails it with ice in his veins! LEI 22-TOU 31.

Min 93: Penalty! Another one to Toulouse! Cian Healy is isolated, and Jack Willis latches on. Toulouse is winning the championship minutes here.

Min 92: PENALTY! Ramos slices the uprights! LEI 22-TOU 28.

Min 91: Penalty to Toulouse, Doris gets pinged! Ramos will go for posts.

Side Note: Don't go anywhere! We have 10 more minutes of twists and turns before this one is settled! 

Min 93: TRY! After a long deliberation, the referees award the try! If Leinster pull this off, it will rival its 2011 comeback against the Northampton Saints! Frawley converts! LEI 22-TOU 25.

Min 93: Could it be? Has Josh van der Flier got over the line? Is Leinster alive? 

Min 90: Leinster has the advantage here, following a strong maul, so go on the attack! It all comes to nothing, but they will have an opportunity to get back into this one. They go straight to the corner! James Lowe is back on, and the Stadium erupts with Leinster fans screaming their team on.

Min 89: RED CARD! Arnold's off, and the penalty is reversed! Is there life in this one yet?

Min 89: Penalty! This must surely be the nail in Leinster's coffin! Ramos will go for posts, Leinster will lose its composure, and Cian Healy will take quite the knock. Wait! The match officials are taking a look at this one! Richie Arnold could be in trouble here!

Min 87: PENALTY! Ramos slots it! Toulouse now has a 10-point lead! LEI 15-TOU 25.

Min 86: Penalty to Toulouse! This one is fast getting away from Leinster, as Ramos goes for poles once again.

Min 85: Toulouse is turning the screw here! Dupont slices through a beautiful 50:22, and the French side is back in the driver's seat.

Min 83: TRY! There is no doubting this one! Matthis Lebel takes full advantage of the space left by James Lowe's sin-binning. In addition to Lowe's absence, Ciaran Frawley remained down following his big tackle on Kinghorn. Ramos converts! LEI 15-TOU 22.

Min 82: What a letoff for Leinster here! Arguably, the best goal kicker in the world, Thomas Ramos, has sent a routine kick wide! The scores remain level.

Min 81: A huge blow for Leinster here, as James Lowe is shown a yellow card for an intentional knock-on! 

Side Note: We now will have a two 10-minute periods to settle this one. If the scores remain locked, it will go down to a penalty shootout! Interestingly, the last time Toulouse was here was with Irish opposition in its semifinal matchup with Munster two seasons ago at the Aviva Stadium.

Min 80: We are heading to extra time here at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, as Romain Ntamack kicks the ball dead! You would have to say Leinster is in the ascendancy at just the right time, but will it be enough? Stay tuned to find out!

Min 79: That could've been it! Frawley sees his drop goal drift to the left-hand post! Oh, so close for Leinster! 

Min 77: PENALTY! That was big time from Frawley! We are back on level terms with minutes remaining! LEI 15-TOU 15.

Min 75: Big time! Great vision from Larmour and Hugo Keenan to scream at Ciaran Frawley to put it in the air and target Ntamack! Leinster wins a scrum just outside the Toulouse 22.

Min 72: Simply MASSIVE for Toulouse there, as they win the turnover penalty following a strong set of phases from Leinster.

Min 70: PENALTY! Toulouse! Ramos steps up with his first shot of the day and puts his team in front with 10 minutes to play. LEI 12-TOU 15.

Min 69: Penalty to Toulouse, and Thomas Ramos steps up following a quick discussion with Kinghorn.

Min 68: NO TRY! We repeat, NO TRY! Lebel was in touch, and Leinster got the line out. Jordan Larmour will be thanking his lucky stars, having been found way out of position.

Min 68: Could this be the moment that Toulouse take this one! Matthis Lebel looks confident that he has scored!

Min 65: PENALTY! Byrne slots it! We are level again! LEI 12-TOU 12.

Min 64: Penalty to Leinster, it is directly in front of the posts and Byrne hobbles over while pointing at the posts. 

Min 62: Byrne goes for the corner, and Leinster goes again.

Side Note: Byrne is back up but Ciaran Frawley is still warming up.

Min 61: A huge scrum from Leinster earns them a penalty, but Ross Byrne is down injured... He is having a great day in blue, so Leinster fans will be hoping it is nothing too serious.

Min 59: Replacement for Leinster, British and Irish Lions No. 8 Jack Conan replaces Ryan Baird.

Min 57: Kinghorn slots the shot and Toulouse is back in front! Thomas Ramos has entered the contest, and there will now be a question as to who takes the shots at post with both Kinghorn and Ramos on the park.

Min 56: Penalty to Toulouse, as James Ryan is adjudged to have gone too high in the tackle and Kinghorn will go for goal once again.

Min 54: Toulouse is bending but not breaking, as Leinster nearly gets through once again! A huge defensive moment sees the Toulouse defense pick up Josh van der Flier and dump him into touch, much to the Leinster fans' disapproval. Toulouse has made three changes, with Mauvaka, Meafou and Aldegheri all departing.

Min 51: Great defensive work here from Toulouse, eventually stopping a well-set Leinster maul and earning the turnover.

Min 50: Penalty to Leinster following some great play, and it is Caelen Doris who is once again leading from the front with a big run, before James Lowe takes it down the left-hand touchline. Leinster went for touch, and the noise in the stadium reached a new frequency. 

Min 48: A huge scrum from Leinster here, as the squad blitzes the Toulouse pack and earns a penalty. Following a quiet attack, the play is called back for the penalty, and Ross Byrne goes for touch.

A side note: In an interesting move, senior coach Jacques Nienaber is on the touchline running the water in what is a clear move to both get in Toulouse's head and gee up his team with clear and concise touchline instructions.

Min 46: PENLATY! Byrne slots it, and Leinster is back level! LEI 9-TOU 9.

Min 44: The line-out goes astray from Leinster, as Baird loses the jump, and Toulouse clears its lines. Former World Player Of The Year Josh van der Flier enters the fray in place of Will Connors.

Min 42: Ntamack thinks he has spotted a mismatch with JGP defending on the left-hand touchline against giant secondrow Thibaud Flament, but the scrumhalf wins the jump and calls a mark. He subsequently clears downfield, before Kinghorn returns fire, but it is Leinster that wins a penalty, and Byrne goes for the corner.

Min 40: We are back underway here, as Byrne kicks long, and Will Connors chops down Emmanuel Meafou with clinical precision. 

Halftime Report: There has been non-stop action here in North London, as the two best club sides in the world have gone toe-to-toe. 

Despite there being no tries, it has been breathless action, with Toulouse leading 9-6 at the break. 

It is tough to decipher who will be the happier of the two sides, as Leinster had two clear-cut try-scoring opportunities through Dan Sheehan and James Lowe and was denied both times. 

Toulouse on the other hand, has been clinical and taken its points when on offer but simply has had no time or space in the face of Leinster's line speed. This one no doubt will go down to the wire, but the question will be who blinks first.

Min 40: PENALTY! Byrne slots it, and Leinster are back within three at halftime. LEI 6-TOU 9.

Min 40: OH SO CLOSE! Leinster goes in through James Lowe, who hands off Kinghorn mercilessly but we are called back for an earlier penalty and Byrne will go for posts to bring the scores back to within three points.

Min 40: Leinster wins a much-needed penalty, as Dupont gets dragged down to the ground, and Leinster goes for touch,

Min 39: No good this time from Kinghorn, and the scores remain LEI 3-TOU 9.

Min 38: Penalty to Toulouse, but they could be in trouble here, as replacement Santiago Chocobares has stayed down following a tackle from Robbie Henshaw. Kinghorn will line up a shot at goal here, and Toulouse could have its first two-score lead of the day.

Min 37: Byrne goes straight into touch from the kickoff, and Toulouse will have a scrum on the halfway line.

Min 36: PENALTY! Kinghorn nudges it over, and Toulouse reclaims its six-point lead. LEI 3-TOU 9.

Min 35: Penalty to Toulouse as the scrum hits the deck, and Kinghorn will go for posts.

Min 34: Toulouse is going through the gears here and earns itself a scrum on the Leinster 5-meter line, far on the left-hand touchline. Will we see one of their trademark strike plays here?

Min 32: Inch perfect from Dupont, who finds a superb 50:22, and Toulouse has a real platform to launch from here inside the Leinster 22.

Min 31: Leinster wins the ball from a Toulouse mistake at the line-out, and immediately flings it wide! A mental error from Jordan Larmour coughs it up, and Toulouse returns it with interest, before finding touch.

Min 30: Penalty to Toulouse, as Leinster sacks the maul, and Ntamak goes for touch.

Min 27: Fast and frantic is the only way to describe this opening half an hour. The action has been end-to-end! Dan Sheehan almost takes it to the house, but Blair Kinghorn pulls him down, and Toulouse is awarded a penalty.

Min 24: A BIG MOMENT FROM A BIG MAN! Joe McCarthy holds up the Toulouse maul and earns his team a scrum.

Min 23: Penalty to Toulouse, as Ntamack covers up Henshaw! That was much better from Leinster, which splits the Toulouse defense with a lovely intricate play that saw Byrne take the ball to the line, for two quick passes from Byrne to Lowe put Henshaw through.

Min 22: Knock on here from Toulouse following three minutes of frantic action and big hits.

Min 19: Penalty to Leinster here, as Ntamack gets pinged for crossing. Byrne finds a good touch just on the Toulouse 22.

Min 18: PENALTY: Byrne slots it! LEI 3-TOU 6.

Min 17: Penalty to Leinster! This time, they go for posts through Ross Byrne! This phase was all built off a crunching tackle from Caelen Doris on Romain Ntamack.

Min 15: Once again, Leinster can't make its pressure tell, as the ball is knocked on, and it will be a Toulouse scrum 7 meters from its line.

Min 13: Another penalty here to Leinster, as Toulouse sacks the rolling maul. Leinster once again goes for the corner.

Min 12: A mere meter stood between Dan Sheehan and the try line, as the ball bounced up from a Ross Byrne cross-kick! It is Leinster's ball once again on the Toulouse 5-meter line.

Min 11: It is all looking a bit clunky for Leinster here, and Toulouse wins a penalty which it takes quickly, but an inaccuracy sees the ball dribble into touch, and Leinster wins the line out.

Min 9: Penalty to Leinster, but it could have been so much more! James Lowe sliced through the Toulouse defense but couldn't quite JGP on his inside. Leinster goes to the corner, here we go! The first real test of Toulouse's defense. Cries of LEINSTER bellow around Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Min 7: PENALTY! Kinghorn, as cool as you like, stands up and slots it. LEI 0-TOU 6.

Min 6: A strong counter ruck from Toulouse, and it is another penalty. Kinghorn steps up once again, this time from 42 meters out.

Min 4: PENALTY! Kinghorn slots it from 50! LEI 0-TOU 3.

Min 3: Penalty to Toulouse on the halfway line, and here is where we find out if Ugo Mola's gamble to start Blair Kinghorn ahead of Thomas Ramos will pay off.

Min 2: The Leinster line speed is holding Toulouse at bay... Just... Romain Ntamack pushes through a clever grubber kick, but Hugo Keenan turns and covers it well. 

Min 1: Oh, so close to Toulouse! And, of course, as if written in the stars, it is Antoine Dupont and Jamison Gibson-Park clashing immediately. It looks as though JGP has brushed Dupont into touch here.

Min 0: Romain Ntamack will get us underway, playing from left to right.

Min 0: We are 15 minutes away from kickoff at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and the capacity crowd is beginning to filter in. Leinster takes a run through the in-goal area, and the crowd goes wild!

Leinster Vs. Toulouse Rugby Lineups

Leinster: 15 Hugo Keenan, 14 Jordan Larmour, 13 Robbie Henshaw, 12 Jamie Osborne, 11 James Lowe, 10 Ross Byrne, 9 Jamison Gibson-Park, 8 Caelan Doris (c), 7 Will Connors, 6 Ryan Baird, 5 Jason Jenkins, 4 Joe McCarthy, 3 Tadhg Furlong, 2 Dan Sheehan, 1 Andrew Porter

Replacements: 16 Rónan Kelleher, 17 Cian Healy, 18 Michael Ala’alatoa, 19 James Ryan, 20 Jack Conan, 21 Luke McGrath, 22 Ciarán Frawley, 23 Josh van der Flier

Toulouse: 15 Blair Kinghorn, 14 Juan Cruz Mallia, 13 Paul Costes, 12 Pita Ahki, 11 Matthis Lebel, 10 Romain Ntamack, 9 Antoine Dupont (c), 8 Alexandre Roumat, 7 Jack Willis, 6 François Cros, 5 Emmanuel Meafou, 4 Thibaud Flament, 3 Dorian Aldegheri, 2 Peato Mauvaka, 1 Cyril Baille

Replacements: 16 Julien Marchand, 17 Rodrigue Neti, 18 Joel Merkler, 19 Richie Arnold, 20 Joshua Brennan, 21 Paul Graou, 22 Santiago Chocobares, 23 Thomas Ramos

What Time Is The Rugby On Today In The Investec Champions Cup 2024? Here's The Leinster vs. Toulouse Kickoff Time

The kickoff is at 9:45 a.m. EST at Tottenham Stadium in London.

Antoine Dupont In The Lineup For Toulouse vs. Leinster Rugby 

Yes. The best player in the world will be on the field. 

Leinster Rugby vs. Toulouse To Set Feature Jamison Gibson-Park, James Lowe In Lineup 

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