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New Era For Munster Rugby, As Long-Term Captain Peter O'Mahony Steps Down

New Era For Munster Rugby, As Long-Term Captain Peter O'Mahony Steps Down

Peter O'Mahony steps down as Munster Rugby captain after 10 years, leaving a legacy of leadership and triumph, as a new era begins for the province.

Nov 23, 2023 by Philip Bendon
New Era For Munster Rugby, As Long-Term Captain Peter O'Mahony Steps Down

In a significant announcement, Munster Rugby has confirmed that Peter O'Mahony, the iconic figure who has led the squad for over a decade, is stepping down from his role as the team captain. 

O'Mahony first took on the mantle of captaincy on Sept. 3, 2011, at the young age of 21, marking a pivotal moment in his career. 

In that inaugural season, he led the team in the opening five games, showcasing his leadership potential. 

The decision to make O'Mahony the permanent captain came ahead of the 2013-2014 season, succeeding Doug Howlett. 

Fast forward to the recently concluded 2022-2023 season, and O'Mahony marked his remarkable 10th year as squad captain by clinching the URC title in Cape Town. This moment of triumph saw him lifting the trophy alongside fellow veterans Keith Earls and Conor Murray after an exhilarating victory over the Stormers. 

The backrow’s captaincy extended beyond the provincial level; he also had the honor of captaining both the Irish national team and the British & Irish Lions, underlining his leadership prowess on the international stage. 

Expressing his sentiments, O'Mahony stated, “Captaining Munster has been a dream come true for me. 

“People like Mick Galway, Jim Williams - then on to the likes of ROG and Paul, who I had the privilege of playing with at the start of my career. 

“I can remember the day I was asked to be captain like it was yesterday and discussing it with Paul to get his approval. 

“From that day to this, it’s been an utter privilege and has never been something I’ve taken for granted.”

O'Mahony reflected on growing up idolizing Munster legends and how the role of captaincy always had been a privilege, rather than something taken for granted. 

Despite the immense pride he felt in leading the team, O'Mahony believes it is the right time to step back, intending to share his experiences and provide guidance, much like the support he received when he assumed the role. 

“However, having given a huge amount of thought to it, I think it is the right time to step back from the role to share my experiences and give the same guidance that I received when I took on the role," O'Mahony said. “What an unbelievable honor it has been…and will always continue to be.” 

Head Coach Graham Rowntree and the coaching team will now embark on the task of selecting a new squad captain, a decision that holds great significance in Munster Rugby's future. Rowntree paid tribute to O'Mahony, describing him as an exemplary leader, both on and off the pitch. 

Highlighting O'Mahony's ability to command respect and lead from a young age, Rowntree acknowledged the invaluable contribution he will continue to make within the team, even after relinquishing the captaincy. 

“You couldn’t pick a better leader than Pete, and he has been a fantastic captain for this club," Rowntree said. “To lead Munster from such a young age, and for so many years, speaks volumes of his ability as a player on the pitch and a person off it. 

“He commands huge respect and will still be a massive leader within the group. To have someone of Pete’s experience on hand to help us with the succession process is invaluable. 

“We have a strong leadership group within the squad and will confirm a new squad captain in due course.” 

As Munster Rugby bids farewell to O'Mahony's captaincy, the team looks ahead to a new era, confident in the foundation of leadership and experience he leaves behind. 

The succession process will unfold with the guidance of a strong leadership group within the squad, ensuring the continuation of the team's legacy of excellence.