2023 Dragons vs Leinster

Wales Flanker Taine Basham's Shocking Red Card Incident Suspension Unveiled

Wales Flanker Taine Basham's Shocking Red Card Incident Suspension Unveiled

Discover the aftermath as Taine Basham faces suspension for a dangerous on-field incident. Dragons coach, Dai Flanagan, speaks out on the repercussions.

Nov 16, 2023 by Philip Bendon
Wales Flanker Taine Basham's Shocking Red Card Incident Suspension Unveiled

Wales flanker Taine Basham has found himself in hot water after a disturbing on-field incident during the Dragons' recent clash against Leinster in the United Rugby Championship. 

Basham's frustration got the better of him, resulting in a reckless elbow to Ross Byrne's head. 

The consequences have been severe, with a four-game suspension handed down as a result. 

Dragons boss Dai Flanagan minced no words in expressing his disappointment, stating that such actions are unacceptable for a player aspiring to be at the top.

In the 65th minute of the Dragons-Leinster match, Basham's frustration manifested in a dangerous and unacceptable manner. His elbow to Ross Byrne's head, a cheap shot, reflected poorly on his sportsmanship and could have led to serious injury. 

Flanagan, while not defending Basham, acknowledged the challenge of managing emotions on the field and vowed to support the young player through this difficult period. 

Flanagan did not mince words when addressing Basham's actions. 

He labeled the incident as "very silly" and emphasized that top-end players do not engage in such behavior. 

Flanagan expressed the need to help Basham through this phase, highlighting the emotional and anger-driven nature of the incident. As the Dragons faced a series of defeats, Flanagan called for improvement in various areas to break the losing streak. 

With the Ospreys on the horizon, the Dragons find themselves in a critical juncture. Flanagan acknowledged the need for improvement.

"We are not going to get wins unless we start performing better and eradicate the errors," he said.

The upcoming derby against the Ospreys holds personal significance, and Flanagan hopes the team can turn things around, despite a challenging six-day turnaround. 

Referee Communication Issues

Adding to the Dragons' woes, Flanagan highlighted communication issues between touch judges and the referee during the Leinster match. 

The coach expressed frustration over penalties not being awarded due to a breakdown in communication. 

Flanagan's rare rant emphasized the importance of fair play and proper officiating, particularly in a league like the URC. 

Disciplinary Consequences For Basham

The aftermath of Basham's elbowing incident involved a disciplinary process that resulted in a four-game suspension. 

Referee Gianluca Gnecchi issued a red card to Basham in the 66th minute, citing Law 9.13, which prohibits dangerous tackles. 

In response to the disciplinary process, Basham admitted his wrongdoing, leading to a four-game suspension and two-week mitigation for remorse, an apology and cooperation in the disciplinary proceedings. 

Impact On Dragons' Campaign

Basham's suspension leaves the Dragons without a key player for crucial upcoming fixtures. 

The absence of Basham in matches against Ospreys, Hollywoodbets Sharks, Emirates Lions, and Oyonnax Rugby poses a significant challenge for the team. The Dragons must regroup and find alternative strategies to cope with this setback. 

Basham's on-field transgression has cast a shadow over the Dragons' URC campaign, with a four-game suspension serving as a stark reminder of the consequences of indiscipline. 

Flanagan faces the challenge of rebuilding team morale and performance, while coping with Basham's absence in key fixtures. 

The incident serves as a cautionary tale for players at all levels, highlighting the importance of maintaining composure and sportsmanship in the heat of competition.