USA Rugby Women's Club 7s National Championships

Scores from the 2017 Women's Club 7s Championships
Scores from the 2017 Women's Club 7s Championships.

Women Cub 7sPlayoffs  
Glendale Merlins24 - 7Philadelphia RugbyBowl QF
Hale 3, WypychTriesCardone 
Wypych 2ConvsHallinan 
Austin Valkyries29 - 0Tempe NinjasBowl QF
Ynostrosa, Tulega, Erwin, Frueh, ReedyTries  
Erwin 2Convs  
Minneapolis Rugby14 - 19Beantown RugbyBowl QF
Hammond, AllievTriesSovie, Peduzzi, Phelan 
Howard 2ConvsSovie, Phelan 
Atlanta Harlequins15 - 17Orlando RugbyBowl QF
Swift, Compito, GranvilleTriesSteele, Kuehl, Warner 
Seattle Atavus21 - 12American Rugby ProCup QF
Peterson, Sanders, DuncanTriesWilliams, Persinger 
Peterson 3ConvsTennent 
Life West Gladiatrix22 - 12Chicago LionsCup QF
Rovetti, Kenyon, Lomu, RoskopfTriesKish, NoName 
San Diego Surfers15 - 7Northern Virginia RugbyCup QF
Blythe, Ziluca, StockertTriesBenedetti 
New York Rugby5 - 14Scion SirensCup QF
NoNameTriesMorgan, McGrath 
 ConvsRhode 2 
Philadelphia Rugby14 - 19Minneapolis RugbyBowl Cons SF
Chockley, MarkovichTriesJohnson, Hall, Berg 
Wuerker, HallinanConvsFromstein 2 
Tempe Ninjas0 - 19Atlanta HarlequinsBowl Cons SF
 TriesPentalty Try, Sutton, Craig 
 ConvsPentalty Try, Craig 
Austin Valkyries7 - 29Orlando RugbyBowl SF
JenkinsTriesWarner 3, Steele, Davis 
YnostrosaConvsEdge 2 
Glendale Merlins24 - 5Beantown RugbyBowl SF
Adewunmi 2, Peterson, O'BrienTriesPhelan 
Adewunmi, PetersonConvs  
Life West Gladiatrix14 - 19Seattle AtavusCup SF
Rovetti, RoskopfTriesPeterson, Duncan 2 
Naber 2ConvsPeterson 2 
Chicago Lions7 - 26American Rugby ProPlate SF
O'DellTriesNoName, Persinger 2, Tennent 
O'DellConvsTennent 2, Persinger 
Scion Sirens10 - 14San Diego SurfersCup SF
Morgan 2TriesFoster 2 
 ConvsFoster, Blythe 
New York Rugby20 - 7Northern Virginia RugbyPlate SF
Brody 2, Ashenbrucker, NoNameTriesAtkins 
Philadelphia RugbyvTempe Ninjas15th/16th
Minneapolis RugbyvAtlanta Harlequins13th/14th
Glendale MerlinsW-LOrlando RugbyBowl Final
Beantown RugbyvAustin Valkyries11th/12th
Chicago LionsvNorthern Virginia Rugby7th/8th
American Rugby Pro12-19New York RugbyPlate Final
Life West Gladiatrix5-0Scion Sirens3rd/4th
Seattle Atavus26-14San Diego SurfersCup Final
Sanders, Legaspi, Barber, DuncanTriesStockert, Penalty Try 
Peterson 3ConvsFoster, Penalty Try 

Pool Standings And Photos here

Club 7s Women Pool Play
Team Score Team
Scion 38-0 Tempe
Morgan 2, Dawson, Kuge, Fulbrook 2 Tries  
Rhode 4 Convs  
Seattle Atavus 31-15 Minneapolis
Legaspi 2, Sanders, Bergisdottir, NoName Tries NoName 3
Peterson 3 Convs  
Life West 36-10 Glendale
Naber 2, Motley 2, Cairns, Rovetti Tries NoName 2
Sever, Naber, Deters Convs  
NOVA 22-7 Orlando
Jefferson 2, Benedetti, Johnson Tries Browne
Johnson Convs Davis
New York 33-0 Austin
Brody 2, Magee 2, Tran Tries  
Siano 3, Berry Convs  
American Rugby Pro 7s 42-5 Beantown
NoName 6 Tries Phelan
NoName 6 Convs  
Philadelphia 7-36 Chicago Lions
Markovish Tries Ordway 2, Kish, Enderby, Lank, Penalty
Hallinan Convs Gold 2, Penalty
San Diego Surfers 24-0 Atlanta Harlequins
Stockert 2, Ziluca 2 Tries  
Foster 2 Convs  
Seattle Atavus 31-0 Orlando
Legaspi 2, Barber, Sanders, Bergisdottir Tries  
Peterson, MacKinnon 2 Convs  
Scion 5-10 Glendale
Mschisi Tries Slaught, Helgenberger
NOVA 19-12 Minneapolis
Harris-Jones 2, Johnson Tries Berg, Hall
Cavanaugh, Beller Convs Saari
Life West 34-0 Tempe
Motley 2, Roskopf 2, Naber, Cairns Tries  
Sever 2 Convs  
Amerian Rugby Pro 7s 35-5 Atlanta Harlequins
Persinger 3, Taufoou, Williams Tries Swift
Tennent 5 Convs  
New York 26-10 Chicago Lions
Tran 2, Magee, No Name Tries Ordway, Lank
Magee 3 Convs  
San Diego Surfers 19-10 Beantown
Jones, Blythe, Beckett Tries Wakimoto, Heinrich
Brisbin, Blythe Convs  
Philadelphia 14-33 Austin
Thompson, Wuerker Tries Moses 2, Jenkins, Frueh, Haungs
Thompson, Wuerker Convs Jenkins, Ynostrosa 2, Reedy
Scion 21-10 Life West
Kuge, Meschisi, Myles Tries Rovetti, Kenyon
Rhode 3 Convs  
Glendale 38-5 Tempe
Wypych 2, Hale, Slaught, Polheber, Dombrowski Tries NoName
Wypych 2, Slaught 2 Convs  
Seattle Atavus 21-17 NOVA
Fuller, Sanders, Legaspi Tries Benedetti, Jefferson, Harris-Jones
Peterson 3 Convs Beller
Orlando 10-21 Minneapolis
Fasano, Steele Tries Hall, Lundstrum, Hammond
  Convs Howard 2, Hall
New York 32-7 Philadelphia
Robles, Tran, DeBruzzi, Brody, Magee, NoName Tries Cardone
DeBruzzi Convs Hileman
Chicago Lions 24-5 Austin
Kish 2, Gold, Wittinghill Tries Greiser
NoName 2 Convs  
American Rugby Pro 7s 12-17 San Diego Surfers
Tennent, Taufoou Tries Stockert 2, Foster
Tennent Convs Foster
Atlanta Harlequins 17-12 Beantown
Compito, Swift, Granville Tries Mackay, NoName
Swift Convs Wackimoto
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